Planning for a family trip and feeling a little stressed. Mind is so occupied with research done the past few days and finding myself awake at 2.30am and it’s been an hour since then, still thinking about planning for the trip.

It is a busy week for me, not so much about work but things to do after work. Some are unavoidable, company movie event, farewell dinner and my plan of getting the house cleaned and tidied seems like a faraway task as I’m finding lesser time for it. The same goes for the revision for my Korean language exam. It’s only a month away.

Parents will be coming next week and I’ll be busier. Torn between spending with them, sister, boyfriend, friend and time for myself.

I’m trying to adapt and adjust with the sudden pile of things. Most times the plans I plan for the day just doesn’t work anymore. I’m finding myself tackling other stuff than the one I’ve planned because it seems only natural and sometimes necessary.

Wanting to take it a day at a time but taking it a day at a time is what I’ve been doing and though it may be ok, I’m still feeling like I should or could do more.

Anyway, I should try to sleep now because it’s gonna be two straight long days.

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  • September 27, 2012 at 7:54 am

    One step at a time my dear. I don’t like seeing you losing sleep over small things like this lo. OK?

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