CNY Day 3: Hot Chocolate and a Love Story

Met up with a friend today who’s two years younger than me. We only get to meet once a year which is during Chinese New Year. Sometimes I like talking to people a few years younger than me because they give you a different perspective on life, most of the time very positively. I learn a lot from them too.

He told me a rather surprising story, about going out with someone 4 years elder than him for 2 years already and still going strong.

Just listening and looking at his smiling face, I could sense how happy he is. And I’m happy about that.

I, too once despise the idea of going out with someone younger than me. I would want someone who’s older because it would mean that he is someone who’s mature enough to protect and guide me better.

However, when you fall in love with someone who’s younger, you will think about that “idea” you have planted in your mind for so long and at the same time, thinking whether the age factor really matters.

Having gone through that, I think it doesn’t really matter to me. Maybe because the age difference wasn’t that big as 4 years in the case of my friend’s relationship. But I think what really matters is being able to get along well with one another.

I like having heart to heart conversations like these. It’s like going home with a heart-warming story to be remembered.

CNY Day 2: Purple Lion

I have no visiting to do today and I’m just relaxing myself at home, watching TV, accompanying my parents and tweaking Please pardon the mess if you see one. I’m doing live tweaking.

As I was tweaking the site, came a purple lion! I’m not kidding and I’m feeling so ecstatic! I’m supposed to finish writing the entry for the first day of Chinese New Year but this is just too interesting to not write about it. So, I’m going to post this before I start writing yesterday’s entry.

Usually, either Mummy, Pappy or Iris would be the one giving away the ang pau since I would be behind the camera, taking pictures of my beloved lions. I do love them a lot. I’m a bit obssessed with it as well. But this time, Pappy was out, Mummy in the room being massaged and Iris in the toilet, which left me the only one to give away the ang pau and I just had to put down the camera. So, no picture of the purple lion but I’m still all happy and excited.

“KONG HEY FATT CHOY!!” A boy shouted.

I gave him the ang pau and greeted him “fatt choy” in return.

A Malay boy was holding on to the lion’s tail and he said, “Ada air tak? Nak minum.”

For the first time in my entire life, I’m seeing this happening. Normally, they would go away after getting their ang pau. But this one asked me for a drink. Lion must be very thirsty.

Okay, so I ran my way to the back and got an apple-flavoured packet drink. But I thought I ought to get two, one for the Malay boy, another for the boy who greeted me.

I was on my way to the front when the same boy said, “Tiga!”

It was for another boy who’s behind the lion’s head.

So I handed them the packet drinks and they seemed happy.

“Thank you oh, lenglui. Thank you!”

That doubles up my happiness!

I thought I saw a purple lion. I did! I did! I did saw a purple lion!

Reunion Dinner

Mummy: Do you want to go to the market?
Little Grace: Which market?
Mummy: Dirty market.
Little Grace: Doh wan!

I woke up at 6am today to accompany Mummy to the market to get ingredients to cook for the reunion dinner tonight. Pappy tagged along too. I used to call the wet market, dirty market I because well, yeah it’s dirty. Each time I go with Mummy when I was still a little girl, I would make my way through the fish stalls with much care, trying to avoid the puddle of mud.

That was why I didn’t really like going to the “dirty” market. I prefer the “super”market.

Times have changed and people change. I love to go to the dirty market now. I like to go to any market.

After that, it was breakfast at Mile 1.5 market. Nice!

The rest of the day was spent decorating the house and tweaking this site of mine.

Called a friend to see what she was doing. Then, another friend called me in return. I haven’t talk to her for a long time since she’s now working in Canada.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to call a friend who’s in Australia now. She’s not coming back to celebrate Chinese New Year here so I thought of sending her greetings from Sandakan. Thanks to the IDD Card I got as a lucky draw during my company’s annual dinner. I have RM250 of talking time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s 12 midnight now and it’s a wonder to hear dogs barking at the strike of 12. It’s like they know it’s their year!

I know it’s my year this year. I hope this year would be a good year.

Kong Hey Fatt Choy!