Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu dan Anak

Coughed the whole day. *ahaks ahaks*

Biggest achievement today was when I managed to locate the 3 copies of papers that meant so much to a customer.

“Grace, a guy will be there to see you. You arrange it accordingly, okay?”

The guy came. His name is Tommy. He knew me before I could even speak my name. Handed out his name card to me, which was already held in his hand before I even appear.

We shook hands. I know mine are cold. They are always cold.

He gave me a copy of the document but I told him I need 3 original copies. He made a phone call back to the office and then pass the mobile phone to me to speak to the girl.

“I have already return the documents to you last week or on Monday. Can you help to check for me?”

Grace went treasure hunting.

“Grace, did you find it already?” She called again.

“Nope. Not yet. Do you know who did you pass it to?”

“I didn’t write any name. But I put it in this big white envelope.”

Grace approached a colleague who has the highest possibility of having the documents. However, she asked me to check with the Finance department. And so I went to talk to this lady and she didn’t want to even look at me when she speaks, which I totally hate.

“You ask Ms.L, she would know.” She said.

“But Ms.L asked me to ask you.”

“I don’t know.” Still not looking at me and gave me an unpleasant look, which I totally hate too.

I went back to Ms.L and again I asked her politely of the possibilities of anyone who might have seen the documents.


I tried my luck with the receptionist since they are the one with the first contact with the customers. She checked on the log book but found no records. I described the envelope to her and she began to remember things. She said it might be with Ms.S.

However, Ms.S was in a meeting and it would take a while. I could only wait.

The phone rings again.

“Grace, have you found it already?”

“Tak de lah. So now I have to wait for my other two colleagues to come out from the meeting and I will ask them if they have it.”

“Grace, ini urgent lah. Tolong saya? Boleh tak?”

“Boleh. Tapi kena juga tunggu lepas meeting.”

“Boleh tak you suruh mereka keluar dari meeting. Saya urgent ni.”

“Tak boleh lah. Meeting tu urgent juga. Lepas mereka keluar, tentu saya tanya.”

“Kalau macam tu, okay lah.”

Finally, I managed to get hold of the last person who would determine the end of the treasure hunt.

“Do you remember receiving a white envelope with documents in it?” I asked.

“Oh…I think I have it in my drawer.”

She unlocked it and ta da!!! I found it! A bit appalled of why it landed in her drawer but I wasn’t in the mood to start investigating.

I called the customer.

“Dah dapat dah. Saya tolong arrange kan lepas lunch okay? Sebab person in charge dah keluar.”

“Secepat mungkin ya, Grace?”

Later after that, she called again.

“Grace, belum keluar makan ke? Cakap nak keluar pukul 1?”

“Oh, setengah jam lagi.”

“Grace, thank you so so so so much!”

Sometimes, that is all it takes. A thank you to make my day, despite the bouncing here and there, people not looking at you when they talk. It was important to her because if I don’t help her, she would get good firing from her boss. And also that the consignee at destination won’t be able to clear the goods from the port.

Mr.Boss once said, our job is to help the customers and make them feel happy even if it means internally, people may not find us loveable.

Sneezed the whole day and now I must retire to my bed.


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