Still in Process

I have a new definition of happiness. It’s when customers are complaining and scolding you but you still feel so happy because you know you are going home soon!

That was exactly how I feel today. Such a bliss!

I was coughing the whole morning and it was really bad. Even Mr.Boss shares the same opinion. I tried to control it while I was on the phone talking but the more I suppress, the more I felt like coughing my lungs out. So, I had no choice but to let it out which of course wouldn’t sound nice on the other end.

I kept saying “I’m sorry” after I coughed.

“Sick ah?” One customer asked.

I couldn’t even answer him. I coughed in reply to his question. Ahaha! Action speaks louder than words anyway.

Another one asked, “What happened to your voice?”

“I’m having cough.”

“Chinese new year is coming already.”

I certainly need that reminder because I want to be well before I fly home.

Of course, you would always get to meet painful customers in a day. I had my share too, which has become more like a norm now.

Sometimes, it’s hard to put words to be interpreted correctly by others. You want to put it as subtle as possible to soothe the customer who’s already very angry and upset. However, words alone can create more anger when interpreted wrongly.

I have been telling this lady, “It is still in process.”

She complained to one big shot in the office who wasn’t very pleased at all.

She came over and said, “Next time, don’t say ‘It’s still in process’. Say, ‘It’s not done yet’ or ‘Cannot be done’”.

I am very flexible so if that’s what that particular customer wants to hear from me., I’ll know what to tell her the next time I get her call again.

But the term, “It’s not done yet” and “Cannot be done” when used can also build up bitterness among customers. They would go, “IT’S NOT DONE YET??!!”

So you see, you’ve got to customized the words used for different customers accordingly.

On any normal day, maybe I’ll get a little pissed off but today I just buat duh aje. One and a half more days of nonsense and I’ll be back home, indulging in delicious seafood and no traffic jam to beat, lion dance to watch, friends to talk to, parents to be disturbed.

There was a terrible jam while I drove home from work. It came to a standstill while I was about to approach the Damansara toll so I heeded Priscilla Patrick’s advice to avoid using the exit at Damansara if I’m coming from Subang. Instead, take the exit at Kota Damansara.

One stupid car just have to block your way as he’s trying to cut the queue.

“Grace, honk him!” My colleague blurted out.

I tried to squeeze my way through the oncoming traffic on my right and once I was out free again, I honked out long and loud.

“Ya, you must honk him. Doesn’t it feel good to just do that?” She added.

Yes, it felt so good indeed.


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