I had many things that I wanted to do today at work.

Of course, I had to focus on my main job responsibility which is to answer the calls. Then, there was a minute that I had to write, a new Web Part tool that I wanted to explore and learn to update the department’s site and I also had new e-learning modules to take for a new job responsiblity in the very near future. Then, Mr.Boss called me in for a short training with the new joinees since I would be doing something different so Mr.Boss wanted me to learn something along with the new ones.

I enjoyed that training because I was seated with the new joinees and they asked questions. It’s nice to see them asking questions because they would ask something that makes you think. It’s always the case when you are new and curious to absorb all the knowledge you can take in.

I sat next to a girl and I initiated the conversation today, which is usually a rare thing to do for Grace. Talk, Grace. Talk!

She’s a fresh graduate. Did Computer Engineering and this is her first job. So I threw her the same question everyone has been throwing at me.

“Tak nak cebur bidang IT ke?”

“I minat juga IT. Ada juga pergi interview tapi luck saya kat sini.”

So now, she’s a new friend of mine.

Then, you’ll see new joinees that have previously worked in a Call Centre, some from banks and I like to see them talk. There’s this guy, he’s really good and I want to be his friend too.

After work, Mr.Boss spent us dinner at TGIF. Something like a department dinner. It was a nice and funny one. My main course was the last to come because they forgot mine. Instead of telling me “It’s not cooked yet”, they tell me, “It’s on the way”. So you see, I think I did the right thing when I told the customer yesterday that “It’s still in the process.” instead of “It’s not done yet.”

Mr.Boss was very fascinated with the idea of me flying home. People who have never been to Sabah would always think it’s a very mystic place. Or maybe it’s because I’m the only one in the department living away from my family while the rest have homes in KL, so I’m the only one who would need to fly a thousand miles back and only get to do it once in a year. And so, the leave that I’m taking is also longer than the rest.

After that, my colleagues were talking about the different customers we get to talk to everyday. Goodness me, they were all so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing.

They then talked about one customer who would always complain in a very sleepy tone (which doesn’t sound like a complaint at all).

“Only Grace can talk to him.” a colleague commented.

“Ya lar. Same wavelength ma.” Added another. (I didn’t quite know how to interpret this.)

Then, Mr.Boss said, “I’ve never seen such patient people like WL and Grace.”

He then asked, “So Grace, how have this job changed you?”

The one thing that I had in mind was “I think I am feelingless having talked to so many people that numbs me.”

Before I could even answer, this funny colleague said, “Become more quiet!!”

I cannot control laughing, so did the others because it was quite true.

I’m working only half day tomorrow and I can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow. Not because I like my job so much but because I want to feel what it’s like when I press “G” in the lift once I clock out from the office.

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  1. Well, that’s right. Talk more. Heez~
    Anyway, greet you Happy Chinese New Year~!
    Enjoy your wonderful days in hometown.

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