I was physically in the office today but my heart was somewhere else.

Calls today were problematic but I only got to taste the first half of it since I went back at 1pm today.

Pressed “G” when I entered the lift with more force than ever because I was overjoyed. You should have seen my stupid smiling look while I was in there alone.

Tank was empty so I went to pump petrol at the nearest Petronas station. A worker helped me with the pump and I stood there waiting. Then, came a man who asked me for direction. He wants to know how he could get to Ipoh but I wasn’t really sure how.

Another worker came and he gave me a packet of angpows and said, “Thank you for coming.”

Picked up Iris and we went to watch Jet Li’s Fearless. It started off with a music video by Jay Chou who composed the theme song for the movie. Iris loves Jet Li.

And now, it’s time to pack!


  1. Be very very careful of people who come to ask you for directions, especially if they come in pairs on motorbikes. Fearless: I wanted to watch that too but the heavy traffic heading towards 1-Utama made me chicken out 🙁

  2. fishtail: I will. That man didn’t have any cruel intentions because he was with his wife and kids when he asked me.

    Hehe. Everyone’s doing last minute shopping for CNY!

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