I’m Home!

Woke up at 5am this morning to get myself prepared for the flight back to Sandakan!

Upon arriving KLIA, there was a huge crowd of people. All MAS Airlines passengers onboard domestic flights had to check in at Counter B and this time instead of checking in at respective counter according to the destination, all of us were left with no choice but to queue up for common check in. The line was made up of people travelling to Bintulu, Sibu, Langkawi, Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan and so on. Therefore, you could imagine how long the queue is. I even worried we may not be able to check in in time, judging by the crowd that’s there.

Met a friend of Iris when we were queueing up so we offered him a place to stand with us instead of queueing up from the start. I met a high schoolmate of mine too when I was in the departure hall.

It came to a point where a special counter had to be opened to cater for those flying to Kuala Terengganu or Kuching, I can’t really remember because the closing time for check in is near or dued but they were still people left lining up amidst the long queue. A lady even had to run to the boarding hall, with her high heels took off to catch her flight.

When we were on board the plane and was seated on the emergency exit row on the right side of the plane, Iris and I saw our primary school teachers seated on the left row. (Iris and I, we attended the same primary and secondary school.) Iris wasn’t sure whether the teachers could remember her. I for sure knew they wouldn’t be able to recognise me, given the fact that I’ve graduated from the school 12 years ago.

To our surprise, they remembered us!

After that, more passengers boarded the plane and I was just checking whether I get to meet other people that I know. In came a girl, who used to be my primary school classmate. We smiled and she asked, “Which hospital are you working in?”

I felt funny why she asked me that and before I answer her, she asked, “Or which pharmacy?”

“No, I studied IT.”

She felt weird then for I guess she might have heard from someone somewhere that I studied medicine.

In fact, coming to think of it now, I could just say I work in a psychiatric hospital since lately I deal with lots of customers with emotional disorder.

In came another girl, my highschool mate who’s working as an engineer. We just smiled and waved.

Food was not good since we were left with no choice but to have nasi lemak with squid. Omelette would have been a better choice.

After 2 hours and 45 minutes, Sandakan greeted us with such warmth and hospitality. I went a bit crazy when the plane landed because I was saying “Yes! Yes!” to Iris, who also seemed very excited and happy to be home again. Same goes to the fella, down here.


While waiting for our luggage, I could see Pappy waiting outside. Then, he came in without me realising and he gave me a hit on the butt. He does it when he sees me. Mummy came too and we went for lunch and rode in Pappy’s newly bought ancient model of Mercedes Benz with Toyota engine. Cool! It was my first time riding in it today!

Lunch was yummy and was accompanied with Mummy’s own made barley drink when we reached home. It’s Purple Barley, boiled with a plant with purple leaves.


It’s so good to be home! ๐Ÿ˜‰


I was physically in the office today but my heart was somewhere else.

Calls today were problematic but I only got to taste the first half of it since I went back at 1pm today.

Pressed “G” when I entered the lift with more force than ever because I was overjoyed. You should have seen my stupid smiling look while I was in there alone.

Tank was empty so I went to pump petrol at the nearest Petronas station. A worker helped me with the pump and I stood there waiting. Then, came a man who asked me for direction. He wants to know how he could get to Ipoh but I wasn’t really sure how.

Another worker came and he gave me a packet of angpows and said, “Thank you for coming.”

Picked up Iris and we went to watch Jet Li’s Fearless. It started off with a music video by Jay Chou who composed the theme song for the movie. Iris loves Jet Li.

And now, it’s time to pack!


I had many things that I wanted to do today at work.

Of course, I had to focus on my main job responsibility which is to answer the calls. Then, there was a minute that I had to write, a new Web Part tool that I wanted to explore and learn to update the department’s site and I also had new e-learning modules to take for a new job responsiblity in the very near future. Then, Mr.Boss called me in for a short training with the new joinees since I would be doing something different so Mr.Boss wanted me to learn something along with the new ones.

I enjoyed that training because I was seated with the new joinees and they asked questions. It’s nice to see them asking questions because they would ask something that makes you think. It’s always the case when you are new and curious to absorb all the knowledge you can take in.

I sat next to a girl and I initiated the conversation today, which is usually a rare thing to do for Grace. Talk, Grace. Talk!

She’s a fresh graduate. Did Computer Engineering and this is her first job. So I threw her the same question everyone has been throwing at me.

“Tak nak cebur bidang IT ke?”

“I minat juga IT. Ada juga pergi interview tapi luck saya kat sini.”

So now, she’s a new friend of mine.

Then, you’ll see new joinees that have previously worked in a Call Centre, some from banks and I like to see them talk. There’s this guy, he’s really good and I want to be his friend too.

After work, Mr.Boss spent us dinner at TGIF. Something like a department dinner. It was a nice and funny one. My main course was the last to come because they forgot mine. Instead of telling me “It’s not cooked yet”, they tell me, “It’s on the way”. So you see, I think I did the right thing when I told the customer yesterday that “It’s still in the process.” instead of “It’s not done yet.”

Mr.Boss was very fascinated with the idea of me flying home. People who have never been to Sabah would always think it’s a very mystic place. Or maybe it’s because I’m the only one in the department living away from my family while the rest have homes in KL, so I’m the only one who would need to fly a thousand miles back and only get to do it once in a year. And so, the leave that I’m taking is also longer than the rest.

After that, my colleagues were talking about the different customers we get to talk to everyday. Goodness me, they were all so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing.

They then talked about one customer who would always complain in a very sleepy tone (which doesn’t sound like a complaint at all).

“Only Grace can talk to him.” a colleague commented.

“Ya lar. Same wavelength ma.” Added another. (I didn’t quite know how to interpret this.)

Then, Mr.Boss said, “I’ve never seen such patient people like WL and Grace.”

He then asked, “So Grace, how have this job changed you?”

The one thing that I had in mind was “I think I am feelingless having talked to so many people that numbs me.”

Before I could even answer, this funny colleague said, “Become more quiet!!”

I cannot control laughing, so did the others because it was quite true.

I’m working only half day tomorrow and I can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow. Not because I like my job so much but because I want to feel what it’s like when I press “G” in the lift once I clock out from the office.

Still in Process

I have a new definition of happiness. It’s when customers are complaining and scolding you but you still feel so happy because you know you are going home soon!

That was exactly how I feel today. Such a bliss!

I was coughing the whole morning and it was really bad. Even Mr.Boss shares the same opinion. I tried to control it while I was on the phone talking but the more I suppress, the more I felt like coughing my lungs out. So, I had no choice but to let it out which of course wouldn’t sound nice on the other end.

I kept saying “I’m sorry” after I coughed.

“Sick ah?” One customer asked.

I couldn’t even answer him. I coughed in reply to his question. Ahaha! Action speaks louder than words anyway.

Another one asked, “What happened to your voice?”

“I’m having cough.”

“Chinese new year is coming already.”

I certainly need that reminder because I want to be well before I fly home.

Of course, you would always get to meet painful customers in a day. I had my share too, which has become more like a norm now.

Sometimes, it’s hard to put words to be interpreted correctly by others. You want to put it as subtle as possible to soothe the customer who’s already very angry and upset. However, words alone can create more anger when interpreted wrongly.

I have been telling this lady, “It is still in process.”

She complained to one big shot in the office who wasn’t very pleased at all.

She came over and said, “Next time, don’t say ‘It’s still in process’. Say, ‘It’s not done yet’ or ‘Cannot be done'”.

I am very flexible so if that’s what that particular customer wants to hear from me., I’ll know what to tell her the next time I get her call again.

But the term, “It’s not done yet” and “Cannot be done” when used can also build up bitterness among customers. They would go, “IT’S NOT DONE YET??!!”

So you see, you’ve got to customized the words used for different customers accordingly.

On any normal day, maybe I’ll get a little pissed off but today I just buat duh aje. One and a half more days of nonsense and I’ll be back home, indulging in delicious seafood and no traffic jam to beat, lion dance to watch, friends to talk to, parents to be disturbed.

There was a terrible jam while I drove home from work. It came to a standstill while I was about to approach the Damansara toll so I heeded Priscilla Patrick’s advice to avoid using the exit at Damansara if I’m coming from Subang. Instead, take the exit at Kota Damansara.

One stupid car just have to block your way as he’s trying to cut the queue.

“Grace, honk him!” My colleague blurted out.

I tried to squeeze my way through the oncoming traffic on my right and once I was out free again, I honked out long and loud.

“Ya, you must honk him. Doesn’t it feel good to just do that?” She added.

Yes, it felt so good indeed.

So Happy Together

Thank you for listening to me every night.

Thank you for putting up with me when my days are terrible. I know sometimes I change mood 4 times a day but you still find me interesting.

Thank you for cupping my face while you look at me, saying, “So cute” when I don’t feel quite so myself. It makes me feel beautiful.

Thank you for holding my hand.

Thank you for wiping away my tears.

Thank you for a year spent together.

Happy 1st Anniversary!

I can’t see me loving nobody but you
For all my life
When you’re with me
Baby the skies will be blue
For all my life
Me and you
And you and me
No matter how they tossed the dice
It had to be
The only one for me is you
And you for me
So happy together

– The Turtles