CNY Day 14: The Lion Spits Today!

Went to attend an open house of a local company today. They invited a clown to entertain us and a lion dance to spice up the day.

The clown was entertaining because he made us laughed. I’ve never seen a clown that would sing and dance “Chilli Cha Cha” and J. Lo’s “Let’s Get Loud”.

Then, there was this lion dance that didn’t perform on pillars but on the floor, peeling long cabbages and flowers. The lion on the right spitted out the leftovers from the peeling and it all landed on the floor. The lion on the left spitted out the leftovers and hit Iris’s face. A mandarin orange skin lying in front of me on the table, the flower stem landed on my plate. Woo!

I guess he didn’t realise we were actually sitting there. Anyway, they made it up to us by giving us a mandarin orange each. I hope this would bring me some luck for the year.

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