Happy Valentine’s Day!

I sat beside a colleague today who taught me about import shipments. I was also there to answer calls for import for the first time. It has to be put on speaker mode since I’m new and she would be able to guide me on how to answer the customers when I didn’t know what to say. So, I had to speak louder than usual and it all went quite smoothly. I must say my colleague is a really good teacher.

After work, I walked swiftly to the shopping mall, ordered myself a teh tarik at the bookstore and waited for the phone interview, which was scheduled to be at 6pm.

I waited for 20 minutes but no one called me.

I then called my friend who referred me to the company to check whether the person in charge was still there.

Then, she told me that HR is not free and that the time that they have given me is subject to confirmation. I was a bit disappointed because the girl who called me earlier on sounded very clear that HR would call me this evening.

I don’t know but I find that it isn’t really a good sign but I will not feel upset. If this doesn’t work for me, I’ll just try again.

After that, it was time for some love. Had a simple but nice dinner. Saw a guy carrying a big bear – the one sold in Watson – and I found it so cute. A guy carrying a big teddy, making his way to surprise his loved one.

Happy V-day and I wish you love…!


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