I Will…

With the first call I received this morning, I thought maybe. Maybe I can survive today.

“Grace! It’s so hard to get you! “

“Grace, can you help me? Other people are so snobbish but you are so nice.”

When she said that, even if she wanted me to cross the ocean or bring her the moon, I’d say “No problem.”

For you I will.

Sometimes, it’s nice to know that people love to count on you.

However, the sweet moment was crushed by another customer, who happens to be an ex-employee.

I called him this morning to tell him the information that he required.

“Why you all so lousy huh? You are providing very poor service, you know? If you compare with other companies, they provide world-class service. You know what is world class service? You company is really bad, even worse than a china man’s company.”

I wished I didn’t call him. It’s like I’m trying to help him by calling him but in the end this is what I get. From Day 1 till now, he has been saying he’s an ex-employee. Ex is ex lah. But you are now one of the customers.

I don’t care about the total number of calls that I can handle in a day anymore. Not with the current situation. What I did today was to answer a call at a time, solving one problem at a time before I proceed to the next. It’s for the benefit of me, so that I don’t go crazy so soon and also for the benefit of the customers.

I’ve decided to do just that because I cannot stand to feel what the customers are feeling right now. When they talk to you, they sound so upset and painful. It pains me too. I pity them a lot. So whenever one upset customer tells me it’s so hard to get me on the line. I tell them I will call them.

“Are you sure you’re going to call me?”

“Yes. I will. Yes I will.”

So, even though there were things that were not completely done yet, I still made the call back. One customer was extremely touched, judging by his tone of voice, “Grace, thank you for calling!”

Other than that, my mind has been haunted with one particular problem of a VIP customer for a few days already. It’s entirely up to me to get the case closed because I promised him I will follow up for him. It’s not something I’ve done before, that explains why I feel so haunted and also afraid at the same time.

I’m writing emails I’ve never written before. Those that requires lots of thinking, more than one checking to ensure every word is correct in order to reflect the current situation. And at the hit of the send button, you need to close your eyes because you aren’t exactly sure whether it’s right or if you’ll get an unfavourable reply. Either case, it’s going to be something new I would learn.

It rained heavily when it was time to go home.

I said bye to colleague and Mr.Boss.

He looked at me and said, “Grace, you look exhausted.”

“Yes, I am.” I said while giving him a very tired smile.

“But it’s raining so heavily now.”

“I know. I just need to…”

Before I could finish my sentence, he laughed. Well, he knew what I wanted to say.

I rather go get stuck in the rain or in the middle of a traffic jam than to stay stuck in the office any longer.

Went to the gym after that with my colleague, which after that she said, “Grace, I’m so stressed. Let’s go shopping!”

“Now?” I asked.

“Yes! Let me bring you to La Senza. Let’s go buy underwear. They are having a sale now. You must buy. It’s so comfortable. Even if you don’t plan to wear now, just buy. Even if they run out of bra of your size and what’s left is the ones of bigger sizes, just buy and stock it at home. Who knows it’ll get bigger? You can wear it then! Come, come, come, I want to influence you!”

Funny or not?

“Tak kan lah suddenly become big?” I said and then couldn’t help but laugh.

This colleague of mine needs retail therapy from time to time. What I did was get one item.

“Grace, why you only buy one? Or are you buying just to keep me happy?”

“No lah. I just want to try so just buy one.”

In the car when I sent her home, “I think ar, really lar, Grace, you tiada harapan already. You don’t have the ability to get angry or to become a shopaholic. I must tell P tomorrow.”

P is another colleague of mine.

“Grace, how do you release stress? I don’t see you scream also.”

People, I have the ability to get angry too but maybe only few would see that part of me. I don’t scream but I cry and I write.

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