A Flying Kiss

One thing I forgot to write about yesterday was that three of us went out for lunch and suddenly, we had some kind of heart to heart talk. It all happened because I started to express my feelings.

“Wah, you see I thought Grace has got no problems but then see now, dia sedang meluahkan perasaan.”

Then, the two of them started to “meluahkan” perasaan also. It’s nice even though all our problems still remain unsolved or would forever remain unsolved. We talked about relationships.

This morning, I received another encouraging call. It was the first call I received.

She ended the conversation by saying, “Thanks Grace. You try to have a good morning.”

Something I really need to hear. Thank you, Ling.

After that, it was back to the problematic calls.

One customer was so annoyed of the delay.

“Can you send by email or not?”

“Okay, I”ll send by email.”

“Send now, okay? Now.”

“Okay, now.”

*click click click* in maximum speed

*type type type* in maximum speed

“Dear E, Attached is the draft for your checking. Harap-harap cukup cepat la! :)”

Usually, I won’t be so cheeky to add that last line but I just felt like doing so at that instant and when you feel like doing something, you just have got to do it.

She replied instantly as well, “Dear Grace, Thanks a lot. Tak sangka boleh dapat begitu cepat. A flying kiss for you.”

That’s like a first kiss from a customer.

A colleague of mine read that email and called out to me while I was walking to another desk to get problems solved.

“Grace, you’ve got a flying kiss!”

I smiled like an angel.

Another new colleague of mine, she’s always asking me questions to a point in which she feels like she’s disturbing me sometimes. I am being very patient with her because I think when you don’t know, you should really ask and not wait till a problem becomes a nightmare. It takes a little more time and effort to explain things to her but I’m okay with that. It’s all about putting yourself in other people’s shoes. If you don’t know a single thing, you just hope that you can ask someone without feeling intimidated or fearful, right?

So, when she called me for the don’t know how many times today, she said, “Grace, you are my walking dictionary!”

And there’s something else about yesterday that I forgot to write.

“Grace, why are you smiling or laughing suddenly for no reason?”

I continued smiling.

“I don’t know.”

Maybe I’m going crazy already. You know the kind that will suddenly laugh or smile for no apparent reason.

All of the above may be just small and simple stuff, but when I’m so stressed up every day at work, all these simple stuff means a lot to me. Like the other day, I printed all the little notes Mr.Boss would say after a job well done or when I least expect it.

It can just be a simple update and maintenance on the department’s intranet but he’ll come back saying, “Looks fantastic! Thank you Grace.”

Mr.Boss was on MC today. He sent me a message saying he’s having a fever and if there should be a need, I can reach him at this number. I’m going to say this again but I like my boss a lot.

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