Malay Proverbs

Pappy wrote in his email to me:

“BUNGA BUKAN SEKUNTUM, LALAT BUKAN SEEKOR” Why lalat? When I thought it’s supposed to be kumbang? Oh, nevermind.

He wrote some more:

I don’t know where he got this. Not the first time I’m hearing it either. Each time he says it, it never cease to make me laugh!


6 responses to “Malay Proverbs”

  1. Your dad knows how to use email. Mine doesn’t know what’s the difference between email and hotmail. ๐Ÿ™

    Your daddy is right!!! Kudos uncle for such a good line!

  2. Ya…this is not my first time hearing it either. Read this proverb from your gracie0709 last year if not mistaken, right?

  3. Your dad is spot on with his proverbs! I’ve always rather used the word ‘lalat’ than ‘kumbang’, hehe…don’t ask me why though!

  4. Siah: He always shows off to my mum. My mum would come asking me to teach her how to use the computer and email after that.

    charlene: Yup, but the last time he said it, it was kumbang. This time, it’s lalat!

    pelf: I think so too!

    tim: kumbang it is.

    piggy: Why? keke

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