Time to Change

I drove to work alone today. One colleague took emergency leave and she sent me a message 6:30am sharp. Another is on half day emergency leave.

While I was driving, I felt a tinge of sadness and I don’t really know what it is exactly that’s bothering me. The tears wanted to flow out but I held it back and told myself whatever that’s bothering me now, I would still be able to go through it.

I reached the office to be greeted by a email from Mr.Boss who is putting me where I’m supposed to be. The new team. It was one week earlier than expected when I had a short talk with him last week.

So, I was thrown to answer calls with regards to import shipment. It’s like I’m starting afresh again and I had to resort to asking my new colleague sitting opposite of me because they have long started the new team without me. Now, I’m the new one.

There isn’t much call. I only had 10 today. I felt a bit restless because I always would love to be in a situation in which I’m occupied with something to do.

“Grace, if you’re bored, you can always answer export calls but I’m sure that’s not what you want to do, right?” Mr.Boss started to tease.

Even though, I’m officially under the new team now. I still get calls from colleagues of another team asking for help. One customer even called my direct line (I have no idea how she did that) and she asked whether the person she’s talking to is Grace.


“Can you help me with…?”

I could just say no but then I was free so I decided to be Grace.

I’m still reading the mailbox I used to read, which serves no purpose anymore. But I’m just reading and reading because I’m just so used to it already. I know I’m just going to read that same mailbox again tomorrow until the system guy removes it from my sight.

I finally discovered peace after so long. However, to say I’m not missing the noise, the painful customers, and sometimes the stress would be a lie.

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