Some people just know how to say things that are soothing to the ear. A lady called and she asked,

“What’s your name?”

“I”m Grace.”

She paused for a while, as though trying to remember my name.

“Are you the Grace I talked to last time?”

“If you are referring to the Grace from export last time, yes!”

“No wonder I thought I knew you. Your voice seems familiar. You’ve got a sweet voice, that is why I can recognise it.”

This one line drew a big smile on my face, my heart went mushy mushy.

She told me what she wanted but before she could finish telling me everything, she said, “So happy to hear your voice again!”

This one line made me fly.

It’s so rare to get someone telling you this, especially the customers. So, it means a lot to me.

After that, I received a call from this customer.

“Are you Grace?”


He has spoken to me once and hence remembers my name.

“Are you new here? I’ve never heard your name before.”

“I’ve been here for a year already but new to this department.”

He told me what he wanted and while I was checking the system for him, he asked,

“How old are you?”

It’s always funny when a customer asks you that question on the phone.


“Where do you stay?”

Eh, I don’t want to answer already but then I just simply blabbered something.


I simply blabbered some place again.

“Aiyah, you are older than me!”

“How old are you?”

He didn’t want to answer. *bleh*

I asked again.

“How old are you?”

“You can become my “jie jie”. I’m 22.”

“This is my last two days working in this company.”

“Oh, why? You’re moving to another company?”

“No, I’ve been here for only 3 months and I don’t think I want to continue anymore. This job is not cut out for me.”

“So what are your plans?”

“I’ve got no plans. I just want to quit then see what I can do.”

He called again later in the afternoon.

“It’s me again”, he said.

I helped him with his requests and then he ended the call with, ” ????!” (Ganbatte!)

I felt so energised again after that. No customer has said that to me so it was nice to hear it from him.

I hope he calls me again tomorrow, so that I can say goodbye to him since tomorrow is his last day even though it’s only been a short two days that I’ve spoken to him.

Tomorrow is also the last day I’ll be in this office because we are relocating.

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