The Blue Pen

Most of the blue pens in the world don’t like me. I can never use a normal pen from the beginning right till the very last drop of its ink because after a few days of writing, sometimes even lesser than that, the blue pen just doesn’t work anymore.

I don’t see it in other people because the more the write, the more ink comes gushing out of the pen, making the words appear bolder. Mine fades away into the background.

I don’t know how many pens I’ve thrown away since school. I then learnt the magic of having an ink pen because I never have problems writing with an ink pen.

Now that I’m working, I had to rely on the supply of office stationery. In this case, it’s the brand Kilometrico. I have been using and throwing Kilometricos long before their retirement date because as what my sister would say, “Grace doesn’t know how to use a pen. I don’t know how she writes.” She would never understand why every pen that I come in touch with would die sooner than they should. I wonder why too.

Seeing each Kilometrico leaving me before it should, I decided to put a stop to it. Now, I’m using the pens I bring from home. They are pens that I’ve collected in events, fairs, hotels. They are a bit more tougher.

Using an ink pen in this case would be a bit wasteful because it would run out of ink in a matter of days (until the very last drop, of course!) since I’ll be writing as the calls come flowing in.

Do you and your pen work well together?

I Not Stupid Too

You MUST watch this movie! It’s a sequel to “I Not Stupid”. I thought this was even better than the first.

It’s so good that a mother said, “I love you” to her son when they walked out of the cinema. I can’t help but smile as I walked behind them.

Hip Hop

Iris booked me 2 weeks ago so that I can come with her to Nike Rockstar Workout Hip Hop at Mid Valley’s Convention Centre organized by Fitness First. Admits women only.

You get to have free make up before the event starts so that you can workout like a rockstar! I happily sat there while the girl coloured my face.

The moves were not that simple because you are expect to know the whole dance in an hour’s time. Those that are familiar with the routine ( I think they’ve already learnt it in earlier in their hip hop classes) were really good.