My New Desk


Went to the new office to unpack my stuff. We can do it tomorrow morning but I tagged along with another colleague to unpack earlier today.

The new office is very spacious and modernly furnished. Once you enter the office, all you see are rows and rows of desk. It’s like a big factory.

My desk is located towards the end of the office. I kind of like my place even though there will no longer be a wall behind me. If I turn around, I’ll see a very cute colleague of mine. Sitting next to her would be my lunch buddy. We have been lunch buddies for a year now.

Before I could even unpack my stuff, the others insisted that we go explore the office first. So, I went round and I’m so very impressed with the things that I see.

There’s a big square black cushion to sit on which is very near to the sink and the water dispenser and the refrigerator.

We went further which led us to the counter for releasing documents. We made a right turn and we saw beanie sofas, sitting on the floor, waiting for you to lie down on it. A pool table, a foosball table. Both games I don’t know how to play but it’s okay. Just looking and knowing that they exist in the office is so cool indeed!

A breath-taking pantry. It’s empty now but already breath-taking. Wait till it’s filled up.

A few more couches with bookshelves next to it. I suspect it to be our mini library or reading section.

All I feel now is excitement! I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow. Have you ever heard me say that? No, right?

Even if the work is going to be shit but I think I would still be happy. I don’t know how long I’ll feel that way but this is definitely a good change.

So, let’s say if the customers call and scold me tomorrow, I can still smile.

4 responses to “My New Desk”

  1. tim: If I stare straight towards the table, I will find myself there. That is cool too!

    Coffeeholic: Absolutely! I feel so hyper now.

    Siah: I’m no longer killing anymore Kilometricos. The ones that are on my desk are resting in peace. ahaha.

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