Aku Suka!

Today is a fun and exciting day!

It wasn’t all smooth but it didn’t really bother me. Phone system wasn’t working at all until later. No Internet access yet. Only one printer and fax machine to be shared by everyone.

It’s so far to get to those machines. You walk. I walked for so many times today. I feel like I’m exercising in the office but I enjoyed those walk.

There were so many problems in the morning but it didn’t bother me too. I just tried to solve them as I can.

I like working on my desk. I want to decorate my little bulletin board. What I need now is to stock up food on my desk. And to bring food for lunch because there’s no food around, nowhere to go. Gracie must learn how to pack express lunch from home so that’s going to be exciting too.

All I can say is I loved everything about today. I hope it stays like this for a long long time.

“How’s your new office?”

“Come, come, I show you the pictures!”

Still standing at the door, pressing on his mobile phone.

“Faster, faster!!”

Looks through picture.

“Okay, so you want to work for another 10 years there?”

I laughed like a mad cow.

“Yes, for now!”


2 responses to “Aku Suka!”

  1. One stick of ‘moo’ and you can laugh like a mad cow.. hahaha

    Glad you like it at the new office! 🙂

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