Embracing the Unknown

Ever felt like you’re not brave enough for your job? Ever had so many questions in your head that you’re dying to ask?

That’s what I’m going through now everyday, especially so for the past week and the coming two weeks. I’m having a great time learning and absorbing new things. There is so much to learn and I’m actually information overloaded today.

Talking on the phone to the customer is not easy. Replying them through email can be equally challenging too. When the customer rants, scolds or complains to you verbally, asking questions like, “Why?”, it is sometimes okay to just let them express and you just have to listen to them. Some people, they just have the need to express and we in turn become the listener. (Like how I’m expressing myself, and what you need to do is to read.) So, at times, they just want to say it out and you just need to say you’re sorry whether or not you are just to make them feel better.

To reply to that kind of email is not easy and I still doubt whether or not to reply. It’s a writing skill to be learned so what I do now is see how the others reply to them. Sometimes I get so impressed myself of how such messages can be composed by the others.

Now I also get to read emails which doesn’t make sense to me. Emails that seem to be talking Greek. I will learn. I will learn.

One customer wrote a letter to me. Hand-written and faxed. Attn:Grace. I didn’t have the time to read what she wrote. Knowing that her case is already settled since she insisted to speak to me only after speaking to three other colleagues of mine. I’ll read tomorrow. It’s the first time someone faxed me a hand-written letter. Romantic juga even though the content has got nothing to do with love.

I didn’t want to leave the office today after work. I wanted to stay back a little while more but had no choice but to leave since my colleague is driving me home. I was sitting in the car with my heart not beating correctly because there were things that I wanted to make sure is proper and in order before I leave.

I do wonder how my colleague handles it all by herself. I always admire her and I’m impressed every day for 7 days already. She’s going to impress me more tomorrow and for the days to come. It feels like you’re learning from the best and it’s a very good feeling. More so when the person is so ever willing to teach you, guiding you patiently.

It is really nice to work with people of such kind. They make me go speechless.

2 responses to “Embracing the Unknown”

  1. You’re very inspiring; I find I learn a lot from you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I totally understand how you feel – sometimes I think my fears are just fears of the unknown. I’m also trying to get over my reticence in asking questions because no matter how malu I feel initially for asking ‘stupid’ questions, I know that at least once I’ve asked, I’ve got the answer.

    Do you ask people the questions in your mind then?

  2. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will think over it and try to find a solution. You remember it best when you figure it out on your own. If I know I can’t find an answer on my own, I’ll start to ask.

    Some things are not comprehendable at an instance even though the answer is provided but it will make sense after a period of time. There are things that I only fully comprehend after working for a year. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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