He’s Leaving

Another educational day for me.

I argued with someone in writing today. It just had to be done because it is already so shitty and I must make sure the shit doesn’t happen again. Tomorrow I will know the results to it. It better be solved or I really feel like killing someone because it has gone on for two days and I want to close chapter.

That aside, I was pretty occupied and happy being occupied.

Until…when my boss broke the news that he’s going to resign. 🙁

It’s just not going to be the same anymore. Maybe I shouldn’t be that negative but then my boss is such a remarkable person that you wonder what’s the probability to get someone as good or better than him.

He has taught me a lot. He shows compassion. He takes care of everyone under his wings. He understands. He is aware of who’s doing his/her job and who’s not. You don’t have to be big-mouthed to get notice if you work with him. He knows. He always knows.

He takes care of us as a person. He will always greet us “Good Morning” when he comes into the office. If he happens to bump into you in the lift, he’ll say, “Have a good lunch.”. When you go back, he will say, “Bye. See you tomorrow.”. When it’s the weekend, he will say, “Have a great weekend.” When you come back to the office after the weekend, he will ask you, “How did you spend your weekend?”

So when he broke the news to us, I was shocked and I feel so sad. I really do. I also felt like leaving.

When I was driving home, the feeling sank in again.

I would have to cherish and appreciate the remaining coming days before he leaves.

Although it’s sad that he’s going to part us, I can understand the decision that he has made and I feel happy that he’s moving to something greater.

But then, I’m still sad.

3 responses to “He’s Leaving”

  1. Yes, when someone like a boss leaves, it can leave a strange kind of feeling. Hope your new boss will be just as nice.

  2. Hehee… when you described the way he treats person, it recall me of my econ lecturer and he greets to us in the same way as your boss. :d

    Anyway, don’t feel sad k. Can befriend him mah 😉

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