Climbing the Ladder

…not the corporate one.

The kitchen light don’t seem to be working.

When there’s no man in the house and when you have no boyfriend of your own, you have to climb the ladder on your own.

I don’t like climbing ladders and I used to be afraid of climbing one. I’ve always been the one standing on the ground, watching from below.

Not today.

The kitchen light is still not working.

5 responses to “Climbing the Ladder”

  1. I know it’s always so much easier to depend on men for everything, especially when it comes to certain household works. But a friend is always telling me this: we are independent women of substance. We will and can survive without depending on the opposite sex. Hang in there!>:d<

  2. aw…sorry to hear that..
    but..not necesarry we need bf to do that for you, get one of your fren will do. well, is good to do it urself sometimes, to learn and pick up something. Not everything need to depend on man. We as a lady dun always rely on man. Should be bit independant in life. Friends are good enuff to help you when you needed and lift u up when you are down.
    Get candle light is nice tho…or emergency light for time being lo..
    hopefully ur light in kitchen is alright now. 🙂

  3. Siah: And hence the darkness is long gone.

    Jc: Hello! Thanks for dropping by! The kitchen light is shining brightly now.

    What I think is you have to make do with whatever you have when you have no choice.

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