Skills that I Don’t Have

I’ve got stories to tell.

I had a nightmare last night. I was at a crime scene. It was horrible. It was so bad. I had the capability to dream what I didn’t to happen. Don’t you feel that way sometimes when you are dreaming about something bad? It’s not like you’re having a dream but you actually create the dream, directing how it should be like. Why? Because when I opened my eyes, I was still dreaming about it. It’s not just one crime scene. Multiple crime scenes.

I woke up to find myself sleeping directly next to my mobile phone. Maybe that’s why. Gelombang-gelombang elektromagnetik yang jahat mengganggu ketenteraman jiwa Gracie.

I got up, went to the washroom and stared at the mirror. Know what I really wanted at that moment? Someone to kiss my forehead. I don’t know why but that was what I really wished would happen at that very minute.

Then, I started brushing my teeth and a new day begins.

Round 4 didn’t come because my colleague report to work today. Thank God! But I was still helping her out a little instead of going back to answer the calls because I know how it’s like when you come back after a holiday, your workload increases too.

Grace didn’t help to reply every single message that came in because she told me to leave it unattended if it’s not that urgent. I helped to reply the urgent ones today. Remember item #6 that I was worried about last Friday? Well, it turned out that I made a mistake. I felt bad but then looking back, I’ve already done what I could do and what I thought was the right thing to do back then.

One thing for sure is this lesson is etched permanently in my head.

What’s comforting to know is that she thanked me for my effort. Shortly after that, her manager came and pat me on my shoulder, “Grace, thank you for helping out. You did a good job!”

Sometimes, that’s all I need.

That’s all we need.

I received another call today but I didn’t had the time to check who called until when I came home after a department dinner. He left me a voice mail which I played back for about 5 times, trying to get hold of the company’s name.

It was 9pm and I didn’t know whether it was a good time to return his call. I did anyway.

I introduced myself, just in case he doesn’t remember who he called.

“Hi Grace, I saw your application in Jobstreet. I don’t know why you applied for the position “Oracle Developer” because you don’t have the skills required.”

I was shocked to hear him saying that bluntly to my face but I couldn’t help let out a quiet laugh.

I didn’t tell him why but let me tell you why. It’s because it says the candidate must possess at least a Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma or Professional Degree in any field. So I applied.

Besides, I didn’t have any shipping experience before I got this job that I have now. They employed me also what.

But then, going back to check why he said that, I know why. The requirement states experience in Oracle. Gracie has none. But then, how to have any if nobody gives you a chance?

Anyway, let’s go back to the conversation.

He asked me what it is that I want to do. And I told him what I want to do.

“Now, there’s actually a position which is called “Recruitment Consultant”” and he explained further. I cannot remember his words in exact but that was how the conversation continued. It isn’t related to what I told him what I want to do.
Sometimes I think when you want something, you won’t get it. The things that you don’t want will come to you instead.

I don’t know why he thinks I might be suitable for that position. I don’t have any experience in human resource or whatsoever. Not that I talk a lot. I can be quite a dummy.

Well, we’ll see how lar. Since I still can’t get the job that I want, I’ll help people to get the job that they want. I think this is what the position is about.

Called Pappy and told him the story. He laughed when I told him the first part of it when the guy asked me why I applied for something which I don’t have skills for.

“You can try. You never know what you can do.” He said.

Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Mum called and I told her the same story too. I added in some special effects so that she would laugh more.

“Ma, but I don’t talk.”

“Good what, you can learn how to talk.”

Let’s see what transpires. I am still happy that he called because that’s the most interesting phone conversation I’ve had today.


2 responses to “Skills that I Don’t Have”

  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes it’s hard for fresh/almost-fresh \:d/ graduates to get the jobs we want simply because we do not have the requisite experience. Then again, if we don’t get the job, how on earth are we supposed to get the experience? I find that’s a catch-22 situation, and so darn annoying!

    Then again, there’re some nice employers who would give us a chance. That’s all we ask for, really 🙂

    Your parents are lovely!

  2. irresistablyme: I’m still waiting for some nice employers to give me that chance. I hope I wouldn’t need to wait for too long.

    Yes, they are lovely. They make things sound so easy sometimes.

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