Not Cute!

Drove to work and when I was about to reach the toll, “piak” one bird shit on my car. I thought birds only shit when they perch on trees, not when they are flying. Oh well!

People are not cute today. Maybe God was trying to tell me something with the bird shit.

Early in the morning, someone transferred a call to me, without informing me, without even asking whether I’m available to answer the call. When I answered the call, a mad lady was shouting and asking whether I’m the one taking over my boss since today he’s on leave. I said no. People really think highly of me but really I’m not the one taking over my boss.

Anyway, I didn’t get what the mad lady wanted. How do you expect people to understand you when you don’t explain properly but just shouting? My boss talked to her yesterday and that’s my boss. You are talking to me for the first time so don’t expect me to know what’s going on.

As usual, customers like to compare. She was not satisfied with my answer and so when she was put on hold by me, she was talking to someone else and she went like this, “Who? Who? Who asked to book with company? See now, so many problems!”

In a way, she was hinting to me. I know.

The thing is some people never bother finding out whether it’s our fault or theirs. They are simply blaming us for something we had not done. And so, sometimes there’s no point talking to these kind of people on the phone because they will never listen to you whatever the explanation is. What you need to do is reply to their email because then they will read and understand the whole situation. After we sent out that email, she stopped calling. I presumed she understood.

After that, more people who are not cute called.

There was this other lady who doesn’t want to pay and is trying to make us pay for something we shouldn’t be paying in the first place. I think I’ve talked to her for 10 times today. I spoke to her very nicely but I thought if I were to sound a little nasty, she would have gotten the message. But I’m just like that so yeah, even if she called me for 20 times, I’m just going to talk to her the same way. She is plainly trying to call that many times, hoping that I’ll get sick of it and agree to pay on her behalf. Sorry babe.

Another lady called me asking for her money back. I said I’m helping her but it takes time. I’m not only helping to get her get back the amount she requested for. I’m actually trying to get her more than the amount she requested for. If she’s not happy, I don’t know what to say. But she understood so she stopped calling.

The last caller of the day has actually been calling for two days. A colleague had difficulty dealing with her and asked me to give the customer a call. I gave her a call asking her what difficulties she is facing.

“Grace, this is my first time dealing with something like this. Can you help me? I really need your help. Can you think of something?”

I tried to help her but she wanted something that I was in no position to approve so I had to no choice but to escalate it to another manager. Since the manager was still in a discussion with someone, I had to put her on hold. She hold on for quite some time but I had no choice. I didn’t want to put her off the phone because if I do, she won’t be able to reach us when it’s after working hours because the phone system would be down by then.

“I know, Grace. That’s why I’m holding on the line.”

While holding on the line, she talked to me.

“Grace, to tell you the truth but I don’t intend to be hurtful, if you ask any other company, your customers, they have a bad impression towards your company.”

“I know.”

“I think maybe because some of them are very arrogant but I think you are a very nice person. You are really a very nice person…How long have you been working there?”

“For a year.”

“What about you?”

“I’ve been in the industry for 7 years already.”

“How is it for you?”

“It is very stressful. There are times when you feel like crying and you have to cry. There are times when you feel very angry and you have to get angry. But of course, you must control your temper. However, sometimes ….”

“Cannot tahan, right?”


I laughed.

“Before this, where were you working?”

“This is my first job.”

“Grace, when you go on, don’t change. Be the same person. You are a nice person.”

That was so touching. I could feel my heart melting. My face blushing.

I don’t know what happened after that when I transferred the call. I hope all goes well for her.

All the people in the world suddenly became so cute to me.

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