Akademi Fantasia is Back!

And so I’ll be glued to the TV every Saturday at 8:30pm next week till early August. This is so fun!

The person who started the craze was I think my mum. She was watching Akademi Fantasia Season 1 and we just sat next to her and followed the show. Then, we were addicted. It’s Season 4 now. Pappy would be watching too because he has got no choice when 3 other ladies in the house are watching. Hehe. But he likes it also. He is good in predicting who’s going to be kicked out in the next round.

My maid at home in Sandakan loves it too. I still remember the both of us watching in the kitchen (where the 2nd Astro decoder set is located) while Pappy watches other program in the living room. My maid and I whom I call “Kakak” rarely talk. She is shy. I’m also shy. I’ve always been very good with all my previous kakaks. Maybe they are very talkative. But this is one kakak that I just cannot talk much with. But we smile a lot. She looks a bit like Siti Nurhaliza.
That aside, Pappy would have to sit down when we watch Korean dramas or Hong Kong dramas on Wah Lai Toi. Sometimes there would be crying scenes. He would go, “Nice to watch meh? Everyday also cry, cry, cry. I know what will happen next. Sure cry again.”

Cry, cry, cry. In the end, he will also sit down and watch what.

Tonight, they will be showing Akademi Fantasia’s Prelude Concert with the very funny host, Aznil Haji Nawawi. I like him a lot. What’s interesting this season is we’ve got a Chinese contestant, Karen from Kota Bharu. I want to see her sing.

I can’t wait for tonight. I want to hear Liya sing Sudirman’s “One Thousand Million Smiles”.


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