Let Me Give you a Hug!

Went to work yesterday and received emails from two colleagues to confirm that I’m leaving. This guy is just sitting behind of me and he’s sending me emails just to ask me that.

Today, he ajak me to lunch with him. So, he brought his packed rice and my mum’s home cooked food to the pantry. (Yeah, my mum is here again, specially to cook for Iris who’s sitting for her finals next week before she flies off to UK, leaving her sister alone in KL)

I’ve got this red dog sitting on my paper tray. His name is Patrick. This colleague of mine loves Patrick. He basically would pat on him when he feels like it. Today he said to me or rather Patrick, “I can only pat Patrick for a few more days. Can you leave him here?”

Today, I was walking towards the pantry and crossed path with this colleague of mine.


I knew what she wanted to ask.

“I heard that you are leaving?”

“Yes, I’m leaving end of the month.”

And then I had to explain the details, where I’m going, what I’m going to do, why I’m leaving.

“Grace, you are one of the best colleagues I’ve worked with. Really. One of the best. I don’t want to talk about the others. Deep inside my heart, I’ll remember the help you’ve provided me.”

Sometimes, when people say extraordinary things like this, I don’t know what to say.

She continued a little more with words that are so nice to the ear, too sweet for me to remember.

I just said “Thank you” beaming all the way.

“I’m definitely going to miss you. Come, let me give you a hug!”

This is my first hug after being in the company for a year. Woo!

Yang ini Happiness Nombor 10.

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  1. It always feel GREAT when somebody expresses their appreciation over the things that we have done, right? Anyway, you’re tagged, darling 🙂

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