A Freezing Day

As mentioned, I work in a freezer.

Came to work to find that we’ve got goodies. A coaster and a pen to mark the launching of a new system. I’m going to miss getting goodies from time to time too. The coaster and pen is really nice though it may sound like they are just simple items.

Work was okay. Nothing too difficult to handle.

When I was left with nothing to do, I was listing down the people that I want to thank when I leave. There are many that I would like to thank and I hope I don’t miss out any of them, which is why I’m listing it down earlier so that I can add up to the list whenever a name strikes me.

Lunch was fine. Male colleague sitting behind me ajak me for lunch again. Yippie!

“Would you like to trade places with me?”



“Because I don’t like answering calls. I’m afraid of making calls too sometimes.”

Do you know at times it takes courage to make a phone call or phone calls? I still feel that way sometimes. But much better as compared to last time. I can hold on to the phone or practically stare at it close to half an hour before I dial the number. It was that bad.

“How many more days left?” He asked while we were eating.

Eh, why do people sound like I’m going to leave this world?

Another colleague came to join us. I would say she’s my favourite lunch buddy of all.

She was asking me about my new job and while we were at it, I mentioned about my working desk.

I’m going to miss my desk too. I’ve never worked on a desk as nice as this before. When I went for the interview, I was looking at people’s desk and I know their desk is nothing like my desk. It has only been like two months I’m working on this desk. Must kiss desk before I leave.

“I’ve got to totally adjust myself again. No more nice desk and all.”

But then what to do? This nice desk won’t bring me far.

Maybe, I should go buy a nice shoe. It would take me places.

4 responses to “A Freezing Day”

  1. Your jukebox is playing a really nice song now. “Dream a little dream of me”. I love it.

  2. Siah: Nice, kan? I feel so dreamy listening to it. Best time to be played. At night, just after the rain. Ahh..!

    Coffeeholic: With dettol?

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