More Questions

Yesterday, while I was walking towards the beverage machine to get my usual dose of hot Milo, a manager of another team was there too.

Yeeee, takut!

Anyway, I had to say hi. She then started talking about me leaving, asking me where I’m going. She then looked at me, like so wanting to say something but not knowing what to say. I also stood there not knowing what else to tell her.

Then, I was talking to my favourite lunch buddy and she came over and asked my lunch buddy if she knows that I’m leaving. Lunch buddy said yes and she’s sad that I’m leaving because we were the pioneer ones in the call centre and Grace is my senior… a month! She laughed.

Suddenly, the manager asked me, “Why do you have to leave at this time?”


My answer was very simple. I just told her the offer came at this time.

“True. Opportunities won’t always come.”

Today, someone else popped in, asking me the same questions again. I didn’t really need to explain because she understood why I’m making this move.

As I was walking towards the door to go back home, a manager came out of the meeting room and saw me. She waved, asking me to stop and I knew what she wanted to say. She is one of the managers that I admire a lot. Besides my boss, I’ve never seen a manager as patient, as capable, as knowledgeable, as kind, as nice, as friendly as she is. She will give you no pressure because she has never once raised her voice and you would still feel like working for her. It’s hard to comeby people like her.

Then, another big big manager saw me and asked me when is my last day.

Yeeeee, takut!

I just told him the date. He nodded his head and asked no more, spoke no more. Scary lor.

I want to write some more but I’m too happy today since it’s Friday and I want to sleep.

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  1. Your current company is too nice. I mean, everyone seems to know you’re going to leave and asking you about it. Very nice ler…

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