This morning, Mummy and I was in battle zone. She attacked and I was left with no defence.

It got better in the afternoon when we went walking at the nearby park.

We saw birds, tortoise, and monkeys.

I loved the monkeys. Today, they decided to be more adventurous. While the people were feeding the tortoise and birds with bread crumbs, they came nearer to where the food is being thrown.

They are afraid of people as much as people are afraid of them. Some small kids, however thinks there is nothing to be afraid of.
The monkeys grabbed the bread as soon as it’s being thrown, retreat and ate as fast as they could. Then, coming back for more.

There were peanuts too. Loved the way they crack the peanut shell and then enjoying the peanuts in it.

I don’t know whether all these people come here to jog or to feed monkeys.

There were bananas too.

Also loved the way the monkeys peeled off the banana skin and then enjoying the banana.

monkey monkey

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