Point Form

  1. Hard disk crashed.
  2. Open up system unit and removed dead hard disk. Leaving another behind. I’ve got two, you see? (My first time doing this and I’m so excited and scared.)
  3. Windows cannot detect the only hard disk drive left. (Want to cry!)
  4. Tried to set the jumper settings. (From CS to Master)
  5. Windows still cannot detect hard disk.
  6. Tried to use a different power connector (I didn’t know the name to it before this.). There’s 3. The other two didn’t work. The last remaining one did. (Thank God!)
  7. Windows detected a hard drive with a very exclaiming name. WDC-xxx-dsds!!!!!!!!!!! (It came with lots of exclamation mark behind!)
  8. There are 2 IDE ribbon cables (I also didn’t know the name to it before this). One black. One grey. Tried to connect to either one till it worked. Now I don’t remember which colour I connected it to. But janji dah detected dan dah ada nama sah.
  9. Tried to format the hard disk. This one was a breeze.
  10. Tried to install fresh Windows XP and it worked.
  11. However, the computer just won’t load Windows XP.
  12. I formatted 3 times and installed XP 3 times after that. (Still not working, am gonna pull out my hair!!!)
  13. Finally, discovered that stupid pirated XP CD contains corrupted file. (Me wanna cry so much!)
  14. Tried to install with another XP CD but formatted it again, though I wasn’t sure whether formatting was necessary but it was a phsychological effect to remove corruption happened earlier on. I want it all clean, baby. Clean!
  15. Windows XP successfully installed. (Yippie!)
  16. Installed other software programs which took a great deal of time but of course shorter than the time from #1-14 as listed above.
  17. Happily yakking away with kawan-kawan.
  18. Wanted to shut down PC but it ain’t letting me do it. No response. Ain’t shutting. Nope, it ain’t shutting.
  19. That’s when Google is my best companion because it gives me solutions.
  20. All I had to do was to change the properties in “My Computer”. ( I learnt something new today)
  21. My PC finally managed to get some rest after the going-to-be-dead hard disk having gone through 7 hours of formatting but only managed to reach status until 19%. So sad. The longest formatting in history. I couldn’t wait. I went to bed.
  22. I’m happy I’ve got 2 hard disk so I could throw the dead one away and use the one that’s still alive.
  23. However, all my photos and music files are gone. (Bye bye love, Bye bye happiness. Hello loneliness. I think I’m gonna c-rrrryy!)
  24. My computer is happy now.
  25. When my computer is happy, Gracie is happy too.

3:-o Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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