Kacang Kuda

“I know it’s not my problem and I know it’s not yours too.”

But both of us were talking on the phone several times today to get the problem solved. The customer and I.

It’s something new for me too. I could actually just escalate it to the back-end department (I belong to the front-end) but I don’t know. I feel the need to take it up on my own since the customer called me. I want to learn how to solve it. This may be my first time solving it and also the very last time. Also, it was because he sounded handsome so I want to help him.

He said, “Thank you Grace. I REALLY appreciate your help.”

Asked for my surname some more.

And so, he’s the first one that I would call every morning to update him on the status. I’ve been talking to him for 3 days already, getting things moving bit by bit. I know if I were to solve this on my own, I will be very happy.

It was raining heavily and thundering very loudly today that there was power disruption at about 3 something. Rejoice to the Lord, Always..And again I say Rejoice!

People are happy. Especially for those who are answering calls. People are upset. Especially for those who are doing things that are not saved or sent yet. I was about to send a message that I spent much composing that when the computer suddenly shut down, I was like *&^^*()!@#

Hoping that the power would come back soon but we were informed that it won’t be up today and we can go home. And it was only 4:45 – 5 pm. Before I left, I made a call to the customer using my mobile phone. I should have tried using the office phone see if it’s working but I was too excited so I dialed to Singapore straight away without even thinking.

I want good news tomorrow.

My desk where I’m sitting now is a freezing zone. I’ve changed places again. They don’t want me anymore. They are kicking me to one corner. Anyway, I like the corner but just that it’s too cold. When I’m too cold, I’m sleepy. And I’ll go crazy.

To make myself human again, I’ll get my toilet buddy and we’ll walk all the way to the toilet at the next building to just let out that half litre of water. Then, I’ll go into the lift, walk straight in, to the corner of the lift and stare at the lift. Then, turn around and make funny noises. The kind of noises you make when you are restless. That’s the only place you can make such noises, with a toilet buddy that absolutely understand how you feel and won’t think that I’m going nuts.

I’ve also walked from 3rd floor to the ground floor instead of taking the lift.

I’m getting really close to this toilet buddy of mine, who has changed places as well. She sits in front of me now. So I can make funny faces to her when I feel like it. I don’t simply make funny faces to people but when I do, it means I like you a lot.

We will call each other even though I could just speak across the desk. We send each other email messages, talking about things that we wouldn’t want others to listen to. Nice!

She would always bring kacang kuda on Wednesdays because Tuesday night is pasar malam night at her place. And knowing that I like it, she specially bought one packet for me. So nice!

This would also be my first and last packet of kacang kuda from her to me. *sob sob*

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