A Fish Out of Water

…that’s how I feel today.

I think it’s mainly because of the non-break in between job changing and of the sudden change of job scope, job nature and environment.

I’m not really used to it yet. There’s nothing bad so far. I wouldn’t need to wake up that early to get to work as I used to because it’s nearer to home. I wouldn’t need to think of what food to pack to work because there are eating places nearby.

However, I missed answering phone calls and talking to my customers. I miss the fast paced environment.

Now, it’s another world altogether.

I know I need time to re-adjust. One cannot have everything.

Tomorrow is a Saturday and I’ll be working. I’ve never worked on Saturdays before so I’ll see what it feels like.

On a side note, made friends with the receptionist. I think she’s the friendliest person around. Or maybe because her name is quite similar to my toilet buddy’s name and before this, she was helping out at the reception as well. They share some similarities.

Another similarity is that another person in my department shares the same name as my ex-manager to took me in. I like to dwell in the past, don’t I?

I just feel nostalgic today.


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