Happiness Is …#16

When Pappy flies all the way to be here to be with me on my big day tomorrow.

Last night, Iris and I was lying on the bed, getting ready to sleep. Since my auntie is here, we had to sleep in different places. Iris and I slept on the queen-sized bed.

We sisters have grown up playing with soft toys. We will make the soft toys talk when we talk to each other.

Once in a blue moon, Pappy will join along. He did today. All three of us were lying on the bed. Pappy took Foo Foo and poked Iris. Then, he took Ducky and made it fly. (Hold Ducky on the head with one hand, grabbed its butt with another, hold the head and not making it move, twist the butt as fast as you can.) It’s funny when Ducky is made to fly. This action was introduced by Iris when all of us was watching TV back home in Sandakan, she came with Ducky and made her fly in front of us. We laughed so hard.

When Pappy left the room, I asked Iris, “What happened to Papa today?”

“I don’t know. He fat hao!”

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