The Ants Like Me

Sometimes I feel that luck is not on my side.

Was in Port Dickson, got out of the car wanting to see the sun set, stood on the sand of a shady area for less than a minute.

Stinging sensation from below.

Looked down and to my horror, discovered red ants covering both my feet.


Painful wei.

I didn’t want to look at the sunset anymore. I wanted to go home. So I bid the red sun good bye. It was beautiful though, the sun. It was red. But I didn’t take any pictures of it because all I really wanted was to go home.

It was itchy and painful at the same time. Then, it turned numb. Then, I had two elephant toes. Now that I’m awake, I have elephant foot.

Two weeks ago, also on a Saturday, a part of my toe nail got ripped off. Today, I got bitten by ants. I mean, it’s always about my foot!

And before the ant bite thing, My favourite white slippers is broken when I was paying my bills. Strap broken. Me sad.

And it’s about my foot again!


  1. dun worry! be happiEee! nothin more suffer than puttin on Braces?! cant bite hard food..only soft food like porridge, oat quacker..T.T wuwuwuwuwuwu..sufferrr-ing..

  2. You’ll be fine. My sister is putting on braces too and I think she’s enjoying the process, with different colours of rubber bands she gets to change with every visit to the dentist.

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