The SMS reads: “Where are you ah?”

3 seconds after that, Iris came opening the door. She just got back.

Walked into the room to see me.

“Did you get my SMS?”

“You check your phone la!”

The SMS reads: “Beside you.”


What’s Forever For?

Billy Gilman. I saw him on Oprah a few years ago. I’m the kind who once listen to a song that’s nice on radio or TV or the big screen in the cinema, will go back home and download the song. Will seek till I find. Sometimes the nicest of songs are so hard to be searched.

I’ve been looking at people
And how they change with the times
And lately all I’ve been seein’ are people
That would love a way of losing their minds

Or maybe it’s me that’s gone crazy
‘Cause I can’t understand why
All these people
Keep hurting each other
Good love is so hard to come by

And if love never lasts forever
Tell me what’s forever for.

Billy Gilman – What’s Forever For

Buses and Trains

I was browsing through my backup CDs of a few years back and found some songs that I used to love a lot. This is a piece by Bachelor Girl, an Australian band. When I say I used to love them a lot, it means I used to play it non-stop.

I used to study with the music or the radio on because it helps. Do you? Except of course when I do Maths because I need to think and calculate.

So I walked under a bus,
I got hit by a train,
Keep fallin’ in love,
Which is kind of the same,
I’ve sunk out at sea,
Crashed my car, gone insane,
And it felt so good, I wanna do it again.

Hey Mom, why didn’t you warn me?
‘Cause about boys there’s something I should have known,
They’re like chocolate cake,
Like cigarettes,
I know they’re bad for me
But I just can’t leave ’em alone.

Bachelor Girl – Buses and Trains

The Interview

Bye Bye! :-h

I got my first saman today. Signed by buat pihak Datuk Bandar Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam. For the following kesalahan: Meletak kereta di dalam petak letak kereta dengan mempamerkan tiket bayar dan peraga yang telah tamat tempoh. As much as I feel like a criminal right now, I actually feel kind of excited being issued my first saman of my entire life.

I think I will report to Pappy so that he can buy 4D with my compound number.

Well, all this is because my interview session was longer than expected. The walk-in interview starts at 9am but I was already there by 8:30am because I want to be employed so much. So I paid parking for almost 3 hours, thinking that it’s going to be more than enough.

The session started with a briefing which was then followed by Q&A and then all of us were required to sit for a test. ICT test and Logical and Mathematics test. Multiple choice. I liked the logical test because whenever I managed to get an answer, it draws a smile on my face. I feel a little clever. As for the Maths part, only managed the fraction question and one out of the two algebras.

Then, each of us were to wait our turn for the interview. There were quite a few of us and I thought I would be able to get in pretty early because the lady asked us to write the time we arrived so that the interview can be arranged as such that the early people get to go in first. But it didn’t happen that way though because people coming after me get to go in first. I guess the interviewers were just calling out names based on the names they see on the form. Maybe I shouldn’t have submitted the form so early because it got stacked at the bottom.

Anyway, I was among the last 15 to be interviewed. Some left even before they were being interviewed.

It was okay even though I felt that I could have done better. Next time should bring hammer to nail the questions.

I came out about 3pm or so. Have not have lunch yet. Was so hungry. Was tired too because I was awake since 5am. I just couldn’t sleep after that. Time for some rest.

Hello! :-h