People Think I’m Crazy!

I LOVE Persiaran Kewajipan.

I think the person who invented ice-cream is the most intelligent person on earth.

Today I felt like killing someone on behalf of my sister.

Because she said, “I don’t think you will can make it on the 14th.”

One of the reasons I look up to my father is because he means business when it comes to serious matters. I have always been calming him down or give him that warning stare whenever he appears like he’s going to explode soon. But now, I’m learning to mean business.

Lately, someone is trying to annoy me because he thinks I’m TOO soft and he cannot stand it when he thinks I won’t get angry at all. So what he did was to annoy me to the max, hoping that I’ll get all mad at him. I knew what he did was just to provoke me so that he can hear me curse. I refused to curse. And he cursed me. I have since then decided not to speak to him anymore.

I don’t understand why people want to see me being angry. I mean I can be angry too when I’m angry so there is no need to provoke me when I’m not angry. It’s like if they can see me being angry, they are happy. Apa ni?

Is being a little bit more patient and not getting fumed up in an instance a bad trait? NOW I’m angry.

He was also surprised why I have no boyfriend and am still single because he thinks I’m the kind of girl who needs love everyday. If I need love, it’s not necessarily that I MUST have a boyfriend, isn’t it?

Some also think I’m crazy being unemployed. Is being unemployed really that wrong? Why did you resign, they ask. I said I didn’t like my job and wanted to do something else. You should get a job before resigning, they say. I KNOW.

Why did you took the job in the first place? Don’t you know what you’re going to do? I knew but there were also things that I didn’t know before taking the job.

How can you work for a year plus in a job that you don’t like? Are you crazy? And I’m hearing this from someone who is working in a job he doesn’t like for three years.

It sounds like I’ve been WRONG my whole life and when I just want to make things right again for myself, people come telling me that I’m crazy.

“How old are you now? You have people younger than you that are coming out from uni. You want to change now?”

The fact is that there will always be fresh graduates coming out of university every year so does that mean I should stay stuck here because I won’t be able to compete with others?

“No women does IT. Only man will be in the IT field.” Whoever who’s going to say this to me again will be rest assured to have a gun pointed to his head.

“Huh, you mean you would like to continue your studies if you have the chance? Later nobody wants you, okay?” It’s okay because I’m sure someone out there is going to appreciate someone like me. I certainly do not like people who wants to limit what someone can or cannot do when it’s about gaining more knowledge and enhancing one’s skills.

*Out of breath*

4 responses to “People Think I’m Crazy!”

  1. Someone out there is going to appreciate someone like you. True! Sure you do. You know why? Because I am one of the someones. Love ya!:”>

  2. Gracie,

    I think it’s fine for someone to try out all things to discover what they really like in the first maybe 5yrs after graduated.

    It takes courage to make changes and you realised things that you doesn’t like and like doing. That’s an achievement!

    Take care.

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