Syoknya Raya!

Indahnya sungguh di hari raya
Ramainya orang bersuka ria

We waited for the clock to strike 12:30pm before we rang our neighbour’s doorbell. Yes, we went to makan next door. The ayam goreng was simply delicious. Lepas tu, masa aku tengah ambil lauk, datang panggilan telefon dari True Fitness. Wei, who among you referred them to me?

Next stop is my toilet buddy’s house in Puchong. Her name is Anis. Aku sesat jalan but in the end managed to find my way with her mum’s direction. She’s got a very nice family. Her mum looks like her sister. Her Datuk is very cute and funny.

“Grace, kamu panggil saya Datuk ok?”

Her nenek bancuh teh susu for us and it was yummy.

Esok, aku pergi berraya lagi.

Saling bermaaf kita bersama
Lupakan saja sengketa lama

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