Friend At Work

Thank you God for giving me a friend at work.

Today I helped her to move her monitor and also her chair, which she claimed too heavy to be lifted across the table with a monitor above it. Gracie did the moving and she was impressed with Gracie’s strength.


Just discovered that she’s born in the year of the Rat, same as Iris. Iris is three years younger than me but she’s a Rat since she’s born before Chinese New Year. So, she’s like my sister.

And she told me she loves mushroom cream soup. Exactly the same like Iris. She loves mushroom cream soup too.

I’m her English teacher and she’s my Chinese teacher.

I only know if either one of us go out separate ways, I will sure cry one.

2 responses to “Friend At Work”

  1. Hello Mousy, I love you!


    I don’t think she likes mouse. Not everyone is like you.
    Since it’s so cold there, can you help Foo Foo to wear a scarf? Red colour and then you take picture of her. Sure very cute one!

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