No Response #3

“Grace, did you receive any SMS from Pappy?”

“i don’t know. I didn’t check my mobile phone.”

“Your father is angry.”

Gracie went to check her phone and saw 2 messages.

First message says, “Now in SS2. Live band. Stout promotion. Walao. Rain. Apa buat?”

There is also a SS2 in Sandakan.

Second message says, “Disappointed. 2 SMS. Nobody respond. Good night. Bye.”

Instead of feeling scared, I actually thought it was funny and I couldn’t stop laughing when I went up to Mum and told her that I got the messages too.

I checked the first message and it was sent 9 something. The second message came in about 10 something, which was the time I checked my phone.

My dad wants prompt reply. Prompt reply!

Sometimes, he’s like a kid.

Let’s say last time when I was in Sandakan, and he comes back from his game of tennis, he has the keys to the house bur he doesn’t want to use his keys. He wants one of us to open the door for him. And because whenever he comes back, it’s always drama time on television, sometimes we are so malas to move away from the tv because sometimes it’s so “gan jeong”.

He will merajuk and say, “Why nobody opens the door for me?”

And each time when he comes back, we would already finish our dinner. That would mean he will be eating alone. He doesn’t like the idea of eating alone too. He will either call my mum, my sister or me to sit with him…but sometimes they don’t want to. Most of the time, I’m the “victim” or else, he’ll say, “Ok, I don’t want to friend you all already, you all don’t want to eat with me!”

Really lor, like budak one. Not like he pretend to merajuk. He really merajuk.

So as times passed by and I know his style, I will just sit down at the dining table with him even if I’m not eating. Sometimes I will just pretend to drink soup lor, just to pretend that I’m also eating with him. If there’s no soup, I’ll just bring my homework and do it on the table while he eats.

Anyway, I replied to his SMS saying, Sorry Pappy, was busy editing photos just now. Don’t be angry lor. Kiss Kiss.”

He replied, very promptly, “I’m not angry, just tak syok. How can no respond one. Hope next time ok lor.”

I called him immediately after receiving his reply and just asked him what he’s doing. I think he should be ok now because mum immediately called him after she saw the 2nd SMS but he didn’t want to answer when my mum asked him questions. Like I said, merajuk lor.

Funny or not?

3 responses to “No Response #3”

  1. :)) banyak cute lah your papa~
    Old couples memang suka merajuk, like the two fellows in my house. Sometimes is quite buey tahan.

  2. :d Today I SMSed him, just to see how quickly he will reply. He called after half an hour or so and asked me when I SMSed him. Hehe.

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