I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t write this. So we shall begin…

Even though 2006 is no longer in sight, I feel like walking down memory lane again like what I’ll always do. If there’s only one thing I’m good at, besides crying, it would be brooding about the past.

January: Gong Xi Fa Cai! I was back home in Sandakan, enjoying lion dance performance, ate delicious seafood and world’s best kou lou min. You cannot find any kou lou min like what you get in Sandakan. You can trust me on that because you can never find such kou lou min in KL. You really have to trust me on this. Same goes to fishballs and fishcakes. You don’t know what is the real fishball until you come to Sandakan. I never eat KL’s fishball. It’s like forbidden food. I will eat if there isn’t a choice but I will feel one kind because it feels like eating plastic.

February: Watched Actorlypics!

March: Broke up…..again. Seriously, I’m tired and until I meet the right one (Each time when you meet someone, you think he’s right but it has ended up the wrong one for me for a few times already. Sometimes I wonder if there’s going to be someone right for me because my requirements are getting higher after each break up. It’s just natural. I don’t usually have a list what my guy has to be like but rather a list of what I don’t want my guy to be like. I want someone who is pleasant looking because I need to stare at him for the rest of my life. He doesn’t have to be ultra handsome but pleasant looking and that is so abstract, right? He MUST make me laugh. He doesn’t need to try hard to make me laugh. He just have to make me laugh lah. You will know if you have a great sense of humour. He must bring me go makan and go jalan-jalan. Don’t kacau me when I say I do not want to be disturbed. I respect his privacy and I trust him so I don’t like if someone do not put the trust on me. Above all, he must be interesting because I need to be with him for the rest of my life. And even if you fulfil the above requirements, I don’t know if you are the right one because sometimes you need a spark to start a long-burning fire. The don’ts..I don’t think I’ll list them out here.

April: Moved into a new office (relocated) and worked very hard!

May: Tendered my letter of resignation.

June: Resigned. I cried like mad. Started new job one day after resignation. I must say I am crazy. Never ever work for the money if you have a choice. I wished I had stayed the entire June in my first job than hopping so quickly into the 2nd one just because they calculate bonus by the date you join the company and so I thought I ought to get it lah.
July: Resigned with style. The best thing I ever did for the whole 2006. You have no idea what my life will be like. This is worse than my first job. In fact, sometimes I think I did enjoy my first job despite the heartaches. It taught me so much.

August:Got my first ever saman!

September: Attended job interview. Became Iris’s driver. Went to Western Europe for a tour with my family and went to Cardiff and other parts of UK. Parted with Iris and cried on the train. No time to feel ashamed because when true feelings gets to you, you have no way of hiding. Got a job! They called when I was sleeping at 4 am local UK time.

October: I think this job is closer to what I was thinking of doing. Now that I’m into my 3rd job, I’m glad that I worked in the 1st company because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t view things like I do now.

November: Met with a minor car accident. Have never been so angry for so long. I shouted on the phone to a stranger. bleh.

December: Went to Bali. Went for full body massage and body scrub. I was told to undress but I never expect her to massage my chest as in I had to lie face up after lying face down. Didn’t know what to say because I’ve never been touched that way before by a lady. If you go to Bali, please try their nasi goreng, mee goreng, ayam goreng. All their gorengs are very nice. And I definitely would not forget the bowl of Rawon I had in Bali Airport. It’s beef soup with rice. The soup is black in colour. If you don’t know, it looks like air longkang at first sight. But it tasted like heaven. It has been such a long time I tasted beef and beef soup as tasty as that.

2007 is going to be a great year. I’ll be 25 and it’s like I have been alive for a quarter of century. I think that’s cool.

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  1. If you think being 25 is cool, think again.. Muahahah.. BTW, I’ve never fancied massages, and the thought of having to undress and have another person touch me all over gives me the shivers..:-ss

  2. pelf, I’ve got no choice but to think it’s cool. 😛
    I just wanted to experience it for one time since Bali is famous for their traditional massage.

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