My Swiss Chocolates

I am so sad to announce that I have thrown away a round tin of Swiss Chocolate. Siapa suruh simpan-simpan dan tak makan cepat-cepat? Tengok sekarang ni, nak makan pun tak boleh dah!

I threw it away because I tried opening another tin of Swiss Chocolate and discovered something. The reason why I bought it is because of the silver tin. Very nice. Anyway, it’s called “Swiss Classic Collection”.

Remembering what Mummy told me about the chocolate bar she opened that has got worms in it, I figured to examine the chocolates I was about to eat to make sure I don’t eat any worms. Usually, I don’t check my chocolates when I eat them.

When I took out one small piece of chocolate still in its wrapper, I found something sticking on to it. It wasn’t a worm but something like an insect’s nest or whatever it is. Just a small one. Like a caterpillar going to morph into a butterfly. Just that this is not slimy nor moving but static and dead.

So I threw it away because to open the wrapper, I would have to touch that thing I don’t have a name to give it. I took another piece and tore open the wrapper to find a worm wriggling happily on the inside wrapper. So, I tried my luck with another piece and to be given the same fate. So I didn’t want to open the rest. Threw the remaining chocolates away, not many though and keep the silver tin.

Then, I wanted to try my luck with the round tin, which I just told you earlier that I threw it away. When I opened the tin, something flew out of it. Yes, something FLEW out of it. Can you imagine that? I cannot. But something FLEW out of it.

I suspect it to be a moth but I cannot see properly because blocking it from flying into my face or my eyes with my hands. Then I quickly close the tin and peeped inside through the transparent cover to find something similar to the first chocolate I had in my hands. The insect nest thingy or whatever shit it is.

This is a little bigger and surrounding it was something cotton-like, a web or so. So I just threw the whole tin away even though I know I could have braved myself to take out the chocolates in it and try to unwrap one by one and eat those without worms. But I dah tak larat dah.

I don’t know why but yesterday a bee came to visit me while I was watching the news on the tv. Heard something buzzing but couldn’t find it. When I turned and looked at the pillow next to me on the sofa, a bee was resting on it. Wah!

I jumped like a lady in ecstasy.

Took the pillow and bang it against the grill door but bee ain’t moving. Why? Bee? Why?

So I threw back the pillow on to the sofa, bee flew away somehow.

Tonight as of writing this, there is an unknown insect flying around within the surrounding of my computer. I’ve never seen this insect before so that’s why it’s scary. Can please fly away or not insect? I don’t want to kill you so please don’t harm me. Just fly away.

Enough already!

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  1. Ewwwww! I don’t know these things happen to chocs! Good thing is, now I can stay away from chocs more effectively then! Thanks, Grace!

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