Very Tired

Only left work at about 7:15pm.

Then, I had to go for dinner with Pappy.

After that, I had to drive to Phileo Damansara to pick up a friend who’s alone in the office. I had to send her to the LRT station.

Then, I got lost. Not really lost, just that it took me some time and some wrong turns to figure out how to get back.

Next, I have to wait for Iris’s friend to come pick up some stuff as she’s flying back to UK and she will help to pass the stuff to Iris. She’s supposed to come yesterday but postponed to today but now as of 11:25pm, I still don’t see her.

Then, a friend called and he needs to talk so I listened to him and before I could even say anything, he just said bye. What nice friend I have!

So now, I’m going to bed.


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