The Farewell Dinner

Two nights ago. I so didn’t want to attend the dinner of Pappy’s friend. BUT I have no choice. My request to not show my face was declined by Daddy Dearest.

I was pretty quiet all throughout dinner because I didn’t have the right mood to be jolly, talkative and all.

“I want to talk to your daughter.”

Pappy’s friend came and sat next to me.

“Are you still working with the shipping company?”

“No, I’ve quit the job.”

“Then where are you working now?”

“In Cyberjaya.”

“Do they pay you higher?”

“Yes, slightly higher.”

“Why did you quit the job? I was talking to a friend and I told him about the company you are working for. And it’s actually a better company to work for than the one I brought you for interview. Why did you quit the job?”

“I didn’t like the job.”

“Is this company you are currently working for bigger than the previous one?”

“Nope.” Actually my previous company was such a giant.

“Then it’s not an international company. If you work for a local company, you won’t get international exposure.”

I just sat and listened to the rest because I get very annoyed listening to all these now.

In the first place, when I worked for that company, this uncle was criticising my decision, saying that I should have worked for the company in which he tried to placed me in. He criticised me in front of all his friends, all the uncles and it wasn’t nice. Some elderly people like to do that sometimes and I don’t know what the heck for. I mean, it’s MY job. MY interest. MY life. And the most important of all, I’m HAPPY now.

Why doesn’t he ask me that question? If I’m happy?

The reason why I didn’t want to go for the dinner was because I can just “smell” the question coming a few days before the dinner. He asks me this question every single time I meet him.


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