Terlalu Istimewa

Listened to Adibah Noor, who rendered the song “Terlalu Istimewa” in such lovely tone during TV3’s Anugerah Juara Lagu Ke-21, which was telecast live last night. Pappy was flipping channel and I got to catch the last bit where Adibah was presented with best song of the year award.

If you don’t know her, and if you’ve watched Sepet. She’s Kak Yam, Orked’s funny maid.


“Grace, what time are you going to work tomorrow?”

“Same time.”

“You wake me up, okay?”


When I woke up, I saw Pappy lying on the sofa, sleeping, with the television turned on. I guess he really didn’t want to miss sending me off to work this morning because he’ll be flying back to Sandakan today.

As I was about to walk out of the door, Pappy hugged me and said, “Take care.”

As I was about to drive away, I looked up to the kitchen windows, hoping to get a glimpse of Pappy. I don’t expect him to be by the window because he usually doesn’t stand there like how Mummy would if she’s here. But surprisingly though, he was there. I waved goodbye and he waved in return.

I love my dad so much, he makes me cry.

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