Happiness Is …#25

Having a long happy story to tell!


Last Saturday, I went shopping with Mummy and I saw this 3/4 jeans that I really really like. Slipping it into me, it fitted me so perfectly well. Looks so good on my bum. Looks so good on me.


I walked around, holding that pair of jeans while waiting for Mummy who still wanted to look on other items. As I walked, I told Mummy that I liked the jeans a lot. And when I saw the mannequin wearing the same jeans that I was holding, I pointed to Mummy again and asked her if she thinks it’s pretty too.

I walked away happily from the store after making our purchases.


Last night, when I was about to go to bed. Mummy came and asked me, “Grace, did you take out your jeans from the shopping bag?”


“It’s not in there.”

You know…my face turned into shit at once.

I felt like shit too.


Not wanting to believe it, I went in searching of my jeans in the shopping bag.


I counted the list of items on the receipt. It reads 7 but in the shopping bag, there was only 6. We paid for 7 goodies only to bring home 6.

I’ve never felt so lousy over “small” matter like this. The effect wouldn’t be that great if either one of the 2 items I bought that wasn’t in the bag, but why has it got to be my jeans? WHY?

“Mummy, I don’t think I can sleep tonight. I will need to think before I can sleep.”

“Sorry, but I’ve got to tell you. Or maybe I should wait till tomorrow.”

“No lah, if you tell me tomorrow morning, then I cannot drive to work.”

“Oh yaya, that would be worse.”

Lying on the bed, I told Mummy, “Mee, just now when you told me about it, I wanted to cry.”


“I also feel like crying because I know you liked it so much.”

“Tomorrow I’m going to try to get it back.”

“If you happen you get it back or if you couldn’t and if you get another pair, I’m going to hug it to bed tomorrow night.”



So, I went to work this morning and Mummy went to the store again to try her luck.

She explained to the cashier about what happened. They got her the jeans but also told her to wait. Then, they confirmed that the jeans hasn’t left the store yet. They saw it through the CCTV.

Mummy came home with my beloved jeans.

Actually, I knew about it soon after she got the jeans. When I got her SMS, my motivation to work rose. I was smiling stupidly at the computer screen, while telling friends that knew about my story that I’ve got it back!

Really, I’m so happy! My heart beats again!


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