5 Things U Might Not Noe About Me

Got tagged by Pelf…again!

1. During a camp, I went out to the playground and climbed onto the seesaw. Because I had no one to play with me at that time, I played alone. When you play alone, this is how you do it. You get on the side of the seesaw that’s touching the ground, push your legs up from the ground with all your might. Fly up to the air and let your own weight get you back to the real world. One advice is that when the seesaw comes flying down, you shouldn’t cross your legs and wrap it under the seesaw. Because it HURTS so much! I went to bathe that evening without telling any of the camp officers that I was injured. Nobody knows about it, not even my parents. My leg somehow healed.

2. Perhaps the only sports that I was good at was the “sack race” (Lari Dalam Guni).

3. I love driving on a long, quiet road, especially during the wee hours of the morning of a public holiday.

4. I like to swim but I’m pool-shy.

5. I need to cry once in a while. It’s a form of detoxification even though sometimes there isn’t really something sad to cry about. But I think you know this already lah!

I’m tagging TienSoon (Because he tagged me and as of today, still have not completed the homework he tagged me) and Coffeeholic

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