Went shopping today because practically it’s the last day to shop. Next weekend, I’ll already be in Sandakan. Had breakfast with a friend who stayed overnight because I insisted so since it was already late and I didn’t want her to take the LRT and then walk back home alone in the middle of the night. We had dinner together last night, had Thai food. Enak sekali.

After that, we headed to One Utama at 11:30am. My initial plan was to go by 10:30am but I didn’t have the heart to wake my friend up so early. By 11:30am, Level 3 and 4 of the new wing car park was already full. Unbelievable! There was a security guard who was signalling for the cars to go up another level to level 5. I managed to get a parking and in seconds, the other empty spaces were taken up too.

When you go to Jusco supermarket, there was already a long queue at the cashiers. I wonder how early all these people come to do groceries.

I bought a skirt, a top, 3 earrings. That’s all I could get because I couldn’t find anything else that I like.

After sending my friend to the LRT station, I felt like walking some more so I went to The Curve, praying hard that it won’t be as packed as One Utama. There is a new road leading to One Utama before the traffic lights where you turn in to The Curve if you’re coming from LDP. Not open yet but this is good, meaning the next time I can just use that road to get from One Utama to The Curve. To whoever who built that road, you’re brilliant!

I’m just lucky today because I found a parking after a few minutes. I was smiling in the car for a while after that. Just like this morning, I found a parking too when I had breakfast because sometimes it’s hard to get parking there. And like the other day, I found a parking space in One Utama when I went with mum on a weekend. After parking the car, I was laughing for a good few seconds. My mum thought I went crazy. But you know, it’s pure joy. Happened last night too, I had dinner with my friend at One Utama. So many cars in front and the back of my car and then suddenly this uncle came out from the lift and pointed his car to me. So happy.

Back to The Curve, I met two ex-colleagues of mine. Was good to see them again.

Shopping is done except for red ribbons. I need to decorate my plants in the house.

Ok, dinner time and then I’ll have to start packing.

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  1. Do you know what is more depressed than not being in CNY mood because nobody decorates anything right here in KT? It’s reading about other people GETTING into CNY mood 🙂

  2. Happy Chinese New Year in advance.
    Wooh time flies man, and I gotta do my last minute shopping on this coming Friday.
    Enjoy your holiday in Sandakan ya.:x

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