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I woke up in the morning with an assignment to complete.

My assignment was to KILL a cockroach.

I was sitting on the toilet bowl, doing this thing called, “O Xu Xu” and suddenly I saw a small black moving thing.

I was still without my contact lens so you could say I was blind.

I quicken the “O Xu Xu” process and immediately put on the contacts.

Hua la la. A big, fat cockroach!

Went in search of weapon of mass destruction – Shieldtox, custom made to kill cockroaches. I must say this is good. Better than those which can kill mosquito, cockroaches and so forth.

Sprayed at the cockroach mercilessly, an amount enough to kill myself. I think I wrote this line somewhere before. Sounds so familiar.

Then, I threw it into a big plastic bag, tied it up and threw it into the dustbin outside of the house. The logic of throwing it into a big plastic bag instead of a small plastic bag is that when the cockroach is already in the plastic bag, it would seem like it’s far away if it’s in a big bag, seeing that it’s wider and deeper as opposed to a small plastic bag. Yes, I’m a bit chi-sin but sometimes that’s how things work in my brain. I could have waited until the plastic bag is filled with other rubbish before I threw them all away but the dead cockroach must not spend any second longer in my house.

So, that indeed woke me up and soon I found myself in front of the post office. It was still closed of course but all I needed to do was to put my letters into the red, masculine post box. Kuala Lumpur sahaja. Lain-lain tempat.

But before that, an elderly lady was looking at me from outside the car and I looked at her waiting for a response. When I finally opened the car door, she spoke to me in Mandarin saying, “It’s only open at 8:30.”

“Oh..I’m just going to send this letters.”

“Aiyer, 8:30am only open.”

Then, she drove off and I drove off.

Left office only at 8:15pm because of the heavy downpour and after that my neighbour in the office had to wait for her friend to pick her up and her friend is working late too. And it just felt right to accompany her so that she won’t be alone in the office at night. So, I managed to clear up some of my work, which I want so badly to be completed before I balik kampung.

So, I didn’t have time to get the red ribbons today. Esok saja.

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