CNY Day 4: Chicken Wings

FINALLY, I can access the Internet at home! *jumping up and down*

Lion Dance

Met this green lion just after having our breakfast at Restoran 2020, Bandar Kim Fung, which serves the best Fish Slice + Salted Vegetable Mee Hoon Soup. The lion is so pretty!

Before that, the sound of the drum woke me up this morning when the lion came visiting us at 8 o’clock this morning. Very early! Wanted to continue sleeping but when I hear the sound of the drum, I just can’t. How can I miss the opportunity to see a lion visiting my house? I woke up and waited for its arrival. I pray that lion dance will last forever!

Had lunch at Good Taste Bah Kut Teh, Bandar Nam Tung. Yummy! A trip back home is not complete without a meal of Bah Kut Teh, ‘Fish’ Kut Teh, ‘Vege’ Kut Teh and etc. Bah Kut Teh here is different than that of KL.

Joined my ex-schoolmates at English Tea House for tea and then went to town in search of ais kacang, satay and “Cow Shit” Tart (????- local delicacy of Sandakan. I found out today that it’s also being referred to as UFO, because of its shape. The’s nice and it’s nothing like how the name sounds. Didn’t get to eat ais kacang and satay (not that I fancy them but a friend does) because they are not open today. I’ll see if I get to eat any this time around because there wasn’t any in the coffee shop we went to today.

We continued our food hunting journey at Mile 4 and ended up eating chicken wings at Pasar Kim Fung. Kiong Kee Chicken Wings, served with limau kasturi to add a tinge of sourness to the chicken and a small plate of chilli sauce to add spice to it. I didn’t get to eat this last Chinese New Year so that makes it 2 years not eating any so when I got to eat it today, it tasted so heavenly. I want more!

More pics later…


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

I know today’s the 4th day of Chinese New Year and I should have wished you Gong Xi Fa Cai on the first day but guess what? I couldn’t access the Internet since the eve of Chinese New Year..much to my dismay and disappointment. Wanted to write, publish some photos but…

Anyway, it isn’t too bad because I’ve been busy since coming back to Sandakan. Absolutely thrilled and happy!

I can go online now because I’m in my dad’s office. Very happy!

Till then, I’ll see you again when I can come online again. Have a joyful and prosperous Chinese New Year!

 Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Get Over It!

Now, I’m just going to accept the fact that I have LOST my lipstick and spectacles..even though in the tiny corner of my heart, I still hope I can find it again.

I went down to check on my mailbox and I have a Chinese New Year card and a CD with old, old, very old, Chinese New Year songs. It sort off made me forget about the whole lipstick thing for a while…and I’m listening to it now while writing this. Thank you my friend! Good luck with your SAP exam tomorrow.

I called Iris in Cardiff too because I just needed to talk to someone about my missing lipstick. So, sometimes that’s what sisters are for…to talk to when you have a missing lipstick, even if one is in Malaysia, the other in UK. It’s about the feelings that I needed to pour out to her, whether or not I’ll get my lipstick back.

In return, she told me she’s going to London to celebrate Chinese New Year and that she saw HALIBORANGE and felt like buying it for me. If you are old enough like me, you would know what HALIBORANGE is when you are a few years old. It’s an orange syrup thingy..something like Ribena but this is orange. My favourite drink when I was young and I don’t see it anymore now. So, I asked Iris to get one bottle and try to see if it’s the same HALIBORANGE.

Maybe..I should just forget about the lipstick and be happy that I’m going home, I have 6 working days off, friends who love me, a sister that I love.


This is Absurd!

I’m packing half way and I found out that my lipstick…it’s missing. I haven’t been applying lipstick since attending the last wedding dinner and now it’s nowhere to be found. Why now? Why at this time? I really need my lipstick.

Along with the missing item is my spectacles. Yes..I don’t know where it is all of a sudden.

Oh My God.

I’m pulling my hair and before I go botak. I need to find it but WHERE?

I need a miracle!

Hug My Tree

While the people out there are having romantic, candle-lit dinner, I was stuck in a traffic jam because there was a stalled car at KM16.8 along LDP and then there was an accident before Bandar Utama so home later than usual.

While the people out there are busy confessing and expressing their love, I came home to attend to my tree…or rather plants. I’ve just got to decorate them by tonight. I’m tired. Didn’t really had dinner but I’m happy. They look pretty to me now. Although I won’t be spending most of my Chinese New Year days fact, I’m going to be here 5 out of the 15 days, but I just felt the need to redden the house. It’s like…if my house is happy, I’m happy. And I like my house very much.

And about the ribbons, I had a hard time deciding which to get. Red ribbons…they are so many kinds of red ribbons and they all look very pretty so I ended up buying 3 instead of just 1. Tak pe lah, bring back to Sandakan and decorate some more, masih sempat. Decorating the Sandakan house has always been my task. The only thing I miss doing now is baking cookies. Dulu masa belajar di sekolah/kolej, will help Mum to bake cookies. Yesterday, Mum called to tell me, my maid at home, which is affectionately known as Kak Lucy, told Mum that “Grace paling pandai kalau buat acuan untuk biskut coklat”. Syok sangat aku dengar. Tapi, tak kesampaian la. Now that I’m working, cannot fly back so early. Biskut coklat mak saya tu, best seller tahu? Whoever comes to the house will want to tapao it back home so I always have to sorok the cookies. You put 5 types of cookies in the container for the guests, biskut coklat tu yang cepat habis. Sometimes, I don’t know why I blog in Malay.

This Valentine’s Day is a bit different. I remembered crying pathetically on a particular Valentine’s Day but I think I can just kiss those days goodbye.

22888 is the reading of my car’s odometer as of when I reached home just now. So nice the number. 22888 means easy to fatt. Fatt three times some more. Today, I paid less a toll to my delight because when the car before me wanted to pass through the toll gate, the toll pole was going up in the wrong direction, like go pusing-pusing so the toll booth worker came out to adjust the poll to its original position and it was up. She signalled me to just pass through so I didn’t get to touch with my Touch n’Go card, feel a bit weird but also excited la. The car after me had to pay toll already. kekeke

Ok, hang the clothes, bathe, sleep!