BoA’s Story




Dear God,

Please protect my friend and see him through this difficult time.

Worried sick,


DiGi Yellow Men

A colleague forwarded me a link on The Star today, about a little girl getting her wish fulfilled when two Digi Yellow Coverage Fellow visited her and accompanied her to school. I thought that was very thoughtful of DiGi and that the little girl’s mum is really sweet. I mean not all mum will play along like that, you know?


Last night, someone appeared on my door step too. It was a pleasant surprise because I wasn’t expecting anyone. He looked exhausted after a whole day’s work. I was already jumping while I peered from inside through the door peephole to see him standing outside.

Very nice.


Love Story

Boyfriends and Restaurants

A colleague asked the delivery uncle if he delivers food at night.

So, he asked for her mobile number and then he passed to her another number and said, “This is my son’s number.”

He continued by spreading his philosophy which goes like this..

“Getting a boyfriend is like eating in a restaurant. If there’s 10 restaurants, you’ve got to try 10 restaurants. If there’s 100 restaurants, you’ve got to try 100 restaurants. That way, only you can find the best one for yourself.”

I was trying very hard not to laugh.

So, have you found your favourite restaurant yet? /:)



Item 5 and 6 didn’t materialise. *sob sob*

So I spent the rest of the day watching television. From Akademi Fantasia Concert (repeat), Project Superstar on 8TV to AEC’s special programme on Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong, our All-England and Swiss Open Badminton Doubles Champions.

Akademi Fantasia Season 5 is very very good. I think it’s the best so far. The interview and story about Koo and Tan was very interesting and heart-warming. I like to see how close-knit a family they come from.


Sometimes I like this feeling. Sometimes I don’t. I have been staring at the phone for the whole day. Hoping to see a certain name appear. So each time the phone beeped or rang, I would rush to the phone, only to find that it’s not the name that I was hoping for. I tell you la. Some perempuan…are very leceh one. And I’m one of those perempuan la!

I am now portrayed like an inconsistent graph.

If the phone rings and the screen is flashing with the name I hoped to see, I suddenly have invisible wings and I fly up to the sky in an instance.

When the phone doesn’t ring, I’m like a lost lamb.

This will go on for I don’t know how long.