Boring kan? Every Day I Write About My Car

The service centre opens at 9 in the morning and I was there 9 sharp. The workers were still sitting outside. The shop wasn’t open yet. Good, I’m the first customer.

So, I told the guy about the funny thing my car is doing. Actually it’s not that funny. ha-ha-ha

Conclusion: No water. No coolant.



I shouldn’t have assume that the workshop who repaired my car after the accident had fix my car in perfect condition. Lesson of the day, after an accident, after you get it repaired at the workshop, go check if everything is enough.

So you see, I almost cause the death of my car. Luckily, everything is alright. Will have to test for another few days, to see if there’s any leakage to the radiator. One good thing is I’m learning a little bit more about the car. Things that I don’t bother to know, I have to know now.

I like the people at the service centre. Very kind and the one who attended to my car quite leng chai also. Even ask me “Miss, do you need anyone to send you back first?”

Wah, I have to work leh.

I was late to work today so I have to replace the missed hours tomorrow because a friend called me up for dinner. Had Bah Kut Teh.

“If I don’t look for you, who will look for you? I see you like no friends one.”

So sad meh?

“Why you look so green today?”

Green in Cantonese means pale.

“You get frightened very easily, right?”

“How do you know?”

“By looking at your eyes, the distance between the two eyes..”

Actually, I don’t know what he saw but he was right. I get frightened very easily and that is why I don’t watch horror movies, I don’t watch some of the thrillers, sometimes too much blood or cruel or barbaric killing scene does no good to me. I can jump off my seat in the cinema if there’s a loud noise out of a sudden and then my mind will replay whatever scene that is “interesting” over and over again.

But that is not the reason why I looked “green” today.

Very tired. Need to go to bed.


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