The Cat

I was having dinner with Pappy just now and I saw this cat, its tail was extraordinarily furry. While eating, I was just looking at it.

Reminds me of a cat I met on the night I arrived Sandakan, just recently during the Chinese New Year holidays. We were having dinner at a restaurant and there were three cats standing at the next table, waiting for food to drop from the table. One of them was very fat. It looked like Garfield.

The people at the next door table left so this fat cat approached our table. It stood next to me and peered up at me. Comel, ok? Comel.

So, I gave it some food. But it wasn’t enough for her.

Know what it did?

She raised her paws and placed it on the legs of my chair. Almost touching my lap. Gave me a meow. Gave me a pitiful “Please, some more food, please?” look.

My heart melted and I started sourcing other plates on the table for food that I could give to this meow. Mum’s, Dad’s, Uncle Chai’s.

It was happily eating after I got her one roasted chicken skin. Looks tasty to me too.

The little girl from another table came and pinched the cat. Actually, it was a sign of affection but I guess it looked too cute to her that she has just got to pinch it.

Garfield the cat enjoyed it.

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